23rd April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day celebration message from AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Chief Executive Officer Anastasia Zoteeva

“Dear colleagues and citizens of the Republic of Turkey! The National Sovereignty and Children's Day has combined the two most important values of a strong state: sovereignty and its young generation. Children are indeed the future and the foundation of any nation. In Turkey, this holiday is always widely celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion. This year there will be no usual celebrations and games on the streets as children are forced to be at home.


I am also a mother. And now we, parents, should treat our children with special attention: to maintain their academic interest, encourage, help them to maintain and develop a positive approach. Today it is crucial for us to remain a reliable support and example for them. The most reliable protection for a child is health and a close-knit family.


We also understand that we must provide our children with a decent and confident future and surely for this reason we are building the first Nuclear Power Plant in the Republic of Turkey. New technologies and clean electric energy will become the basis for prosperity of a strong country which will be developed by those who go to the kindergarten and sit at their school desks nowadays — our children! To the extent possible, we must do everything for them to live and study in good conditions. In these hard times we decided to support the school situated nearby the NPP construction site”.