Interview with representatives of the Turkish Branch of the Junior Chamber International after the visit to the Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Plant.

Questions are answered by Kerem Mermer - Head of the Junior Chamber International, project manager of “Siemens Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.”.

 -What caused your interest in Russia and exactly in the Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Plant that you visited today?

- As you know, an agreement on construction of the AKKUYU nuclear power plant has been signed between the Governments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey. And since we are the representatives of the energy industry and are directly connected with it, we wanted to see the Kalininskaya NPP firsthand, which is similar to the AKKUYU NPP in terms of technology. We wanted to directly see the plant’s actual production process and how the NPP safety is provided in Russia.

 - What are your impressions?

- We visited a great number of different power plants prior to our visit to the plant. This is our first trip to a nuclear power plant. Today we have witnessed the work of the nuclear power plant, and we were very impressed by the approach in terms of safety of process and the plant as a whole. We were very happy in the sense that the same principles of safety systems will be used at the AKKUYU plant in Turkey.

 - Mr. Kerem, what are the goals of your organization, what is your organization engaged in, and what  will you tell your colleagues about the visit to the Kalininskaya nuclear power plant?

- In the organization represented by me I lead the energy sector investment group. The aim of our group is primarily to inform future potential investors willing to invest in this sector, and in particular with regard to the AKKUYU nuclear power plant. Of course, we will be obliged to tell them about everything we have personally seen here and learned from you. This industry in Turkey is very young, and we will inform about everything we have seen with our own eyes. We will do this upon our return to Turkey.

 - Please name three reasons why you would advise to build a nuclear power plant for the Turkish people?

- First of all, I certainly would like to say about the thing that the Turkish people are so worried about – it is security. We can illustrate what they fear on the example of the city of Udomlya that is the home for more than 30,000 people. This is a clear picture showing that people live near nuclear power plants without any fears and concerns. This is the first indication that, in general, there is nothing to fear, and this is the first thing I would have shown to the Turkish people as an example. Secondly, a very important factor is the nuclear power plant capacity. One unit of 1000 MW is important and that's exactly what they need for Turkey in terms of the Turkish power system provisioning. And in the third place is the fact that an entire city has been built from scratch for the nuclear power plant operation. This is important both from a social and economic point of view. People who will work at the new plant and who will come to a newly built city is a very important factor for the country as a whole and for specific segment of the population in particular. We would like to thank the company “Rosatom” and the AKKUYU NPP Joint Stock Company for the invitation to the Kalininskaya NPP, for the fact that we were given  an enthusiastic welcome and we really enjoyed it.

Questions are answered by Kem Borut - Deputy Head of the Turkish Branch of the Junior Chamber International,  Sales Director of AKSA BAGCILAR.

- What are your impressions of the Kalininskaya NPP visit?

- We created the Branch of the International Energy Investment Public Chamber in the Republic of Turkey a year ago and have been working in this direction since that time. First of all, the thing that the Turkish people are interested in with respect to construction of the nuclear power plant at the “Akkuyu” site is the impact of the nuclear power plant on the environment. Having visited the Kalininskaya nuclear power plant we are convinced that there is no negative impact on the environment. Construction of the NPP gives a lot in economic and social terms, and leads to the territory development. It is very important for us. We are convinced of this and we’ve got answers to many questions we had. We were all glad to meet you.