93 Russian specialists came to Turkey on April 22 to work on the Akkuyu NPP site

Before departure, all of the workers were tested for coronavirus and temporarily isolated prior to the flight. The Turkish party ensured all safety precautions were taken as soon as the Russian specialists arrived at Adana airport: a separate terminal was assigned, a medical check-up carried out and after that, all the workers were transferred to their temporary place of residence.


Thanks to the Turkish government’s support, they are now quarantined in a private dorm for 14 days under the strict surveillance of doctors and relevant organizations. The workers reside separately from each other following the prescription of social isolation measures and they have been provided with everything they need. After the quarantine is over, the Turkish side will test them for COVID-19 again and then the Russian specialists will be able to begin their work in accordance with all the norms and requirements of the Akkuyu NPP site.


Akkuyu Nuclear JSC extends its thanks to the Turkish Republic’s Government and Adana and Mersin Governorships for all the precautions taken and their comprehensive support provided to Russian specialists. The company continues to ensure the health and security of the staff working on the Akkuyu NPP construction site, taking all the necessary precautions to diminish the effects of the epidemic crisis on Turkey’s first NPP construction and fulfill its obligations toward the Turkish side within the timeframe as stipulated in the Intergovernmental Agreement. Akkuyu Nuclear JSC follows the advice of the Turkish Republic’s Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and other governmental authorities of the Turkish Republic.