A new Business Unit, Nuclear Power Plant Construction Directorate, is under formation within AKKUYU NPP JSC


Pursuant to the instruction of Sergey Kirienko, the Director General of Rosatom State Corporation, Akkuyu Project Company is shaping a Nuclear Power Plant Construction Directorate, the main goal of which will be to act as a customer-developer when building the first NPP on territory of the Republic of Turkey. The Directorate will prepare, approve and implement the NPP construction plan in concert with the General Designer, Prime Contractor and Technical Customer. It will also accept responsibilities for control over and technical supervision of conformity of the scope and quality of the work to be done, for obtaining licenses needed for the project, securing fire safety and occupational health and safety at the facility, for acquisition and acceptance of equipment and services required for the NPP construction.


Right after setting-up of the new business unit its specialists will launch activities to prepare and obtain authorizations necessary for construction of the preparatory stage facilities, including on-site access roads and utilities, the construction and assembly base and water supply line to provide water for the construction, the residential area for the NPP operating staff, which will house up to 4,500 people in the future.


The standard structure of Concern Rosenergoatom has been taken as an example for the AKKUYU NPP Construction Directorate. This structure is used at the reference plant of Akkuyu NPP, Novovoronezh NPP-2, the first reactor of which is to be commissioned this year.


About 70 skilled specialists are to be hired to work in the Akkuyu NPP Construction Directorate by the end of 2014. The total strength of this new business unit will number around 400 people during construction of 4 Units of the plant.


The NPP Construction Directorate is a business unit of the Technical Department of AKKUYU NPP JSC. The organizational and staffing structure of the NPP Construction Directorate is to be formulated with participation of Concern Rosenergoatom within 2014.



Reference: The first nuclear power plant in the Republic of Turkey is being built under the Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Turkey. Akkuyu NPP power generation joint-stock company was established in 2010 (AKKUYU NPP JSC). The central office of the company is located in Ankara, Republic of Turkey. In Moscow there is an AKKUYU NPP JSC Representative Office. On the NPP construction site in province of Mersin, Republic of Turkey, there is a construction directorate of the Akkuyu NPP Technical Department. Public Information Centers dealing with nuclear energy have been opened in the city of Mersin and the village of Büyükeceli. The Akkuyu NPP construction project comprises building of four power units with WWER-1200 type reactors. Capacity of each Unit is 1200 MW. This is a first NPP project implemented under the BOO (build-own-operate) model across the world. The Russian side provides engineering, construction, maintenance, operation and decommissioning of NPP.


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