August 23, 2022, Büyükeceli, Mersin, Turkey –  At the construction site of the Akkuyu NPP, the functioning of a workshop for the manufacture of air pipes – metal tubes used for the installation of ventilation systems - has started. Zones of preparation, assembly, welding, release of finished products, as well as a site for cleaning welded joints of carbon steel air pipes are equipped in the workshop.


The workshop manufactures air pipes of round, square and rectangular cross–sections, which will be used at the main facilities of the Akkuyu NPP - in reactor compartments and turbine buildings, as well as at general station buildings and structures.


When production reaches full capacity, the volume of release of products important for the reliable operation of nuclear power plants with the use of Turkish steel will compose about 40 thousand m2 per year.


Extremely high quality requirements are imposed on the products. Its control passes in several stages. The air pipes are delivered to the installation only after passing the incoming inspection with the participation of AKKUYU NUCLEAR.


First Deputy Chief Executive Offices of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC - Director of NPP under construction, Sergei Butckikh: "The decision to construct a workshop for the production of air pipes on the territory of the construction site of the Akkuyu NPP is caused by the need to optimize the production deadlines and the delivery of finished products to the sites of mechanical installation works. When preparing and implementing the project for the opening of the air pipeline workshop, the experience of organizing the construction of other nuclear power plants was taken into account. A complete production has been established in the workshop at the current stage."


Taking into account the fact that construction works are increasing in pace, the manufacture volume of various materials required for the timely completion of construction works is constantly growing. Five concrete plants providing concrete for the construction of four power units operate on the western territory of the construction site simultaneously. Except for concrete production, the base is equipped with sites for the consolidation assembly of armoblocks and storage of heavy equipment, as well as refrigerated warehouses of inert materials. A reinforcement shop has been operating at the site since 2019, where all the main types of reinforcement products and metal structures required for the construction of walls and ceilings of the NPP are produced.


The implementation of the construction project of Turkey's first nuclear power plant – Akkuyu NPP – continues on a regular basis. Construction and installation works are performed on all sections of the main and auxiliary facilities construction: four power units, onshore hydraulic structures, power distribution systems, administrative buildings, training center, physical protection facilities of the future NPP.