A student from Turkey attending classes at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) gave an interview to a regional newspaper of the Republic of Turkey


Omer Boiraz, a Turkish student of the Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (INPE NRNU MEPhI) terminated his study at one of the leading institutions of higher education in Turkey to acquire education in the sphere of nuclear power engineering in Russia. A representative of a regional publication of the province of Mersin (Akdeniz newspaper) talked to the future atomic scientist and put a set of questions to him.


- How did the idea of getting education in the sphere of nuclear power engineering in Russia appear?

- In Turkey great attention is paid to power engineering and to its development. I was always willing to make my contribution to the creation of the nuclear power industry in Turkey. When I found out that the first nuclear power plant would be constructed in my region (province of Mersin), I decided to pass entrance exams organized by the Project Company AKKUYU NPP JSC and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey. I successfully passed the entrance exams and was invited to a meeting with the Minister of Energy of Turkey, Taner Yıldız, before my departure to Russia. Our group was selected from several thousands of students (noteapproximately 4 500 applications for education at the National Research Nuclear University were filed in Turkey in 2013 that resulted in an enrolment competition of 45 persons per one place.). The educational process consists of several stages: first year – study of the Russian language at the pre-university courses, followed by four years of engineering education, then study according to the Master's degree programme during one and a half year and the final stage is professional training from one to three years. In the new academic year (2013-2014) we will study physics, chemistry, mechanics, higher mathematics and other subjects necessary for the specialists working at an NPP. I was reflecting on education abroad when I just entered the higher educational institution. My plans included acquisition of the Master’s degree, study of a foreign language and participation in students’ mobility programmes. After a while I came to know that students were being recruited for education in the sphere of nuclear power engineering in Russia and the students would be provided with an additional scholarship. Thus, I decided to try my luck and to take part in the recruitment.



- What is your attention to nuclear power engineering?

- Nowadays it is not a secret that the future of countries with developed and developing economy all over the world is connected with the nuclear power engineering. Turkey also sets a goal to designate its important role in creation of the new sector. Construction of NPP will allow our country to move to a new level. And I am willing to make my contribution to development of the nuclear power industry in the Republic of Turkey by participating in implementation of the large-scale project of Akkuyu NPP construction. Instead of sending our citizens abroad, we should independently train specialists in this sphere and independently construct NPPs, but we have no resources for that for the time being. The first nuclear power plant will be constructed by Russia, the second one – by a Franco-Japanese consortium, the third NPP is planned to be constructed by our own efforts. Unfortunately, there are some prejudices in respect to nuclear power engineering. Some citizens of our country may deem it unsafe – principally this results from a fear of the unknown. I am sure that in course of time people will understand all advantages of NPPs and will strive to learn about the opportunities of nuclear power engineering more and more.


- How do you succeed in studying Russian? What learning environment is created for students from Turkey?

- All foreign students who came to Russia in order to acquire education in the sphere of nuclear power engineering should study the Russian language during the first year because the whole course of education is conducted in Russian. Students may be enrolled to the first course after successful exams in the Russian language and in subjects studied during the second semester of the pre-university faculty. Education is conducted at INPE NRNU MEPhI, which is located in the town of Obninsk, which is 100 km from Moscow. The Russian language is quite difficult but interesting. The higher education institution provides access to the Internet that can be used both in classrooms and in the dormitory, the rooms of which are occupied by one or two persons. We cook in a common kitchen, so sometimes a lot of people meet together at dinners. All the materials necessary for studies are provided by teachers or they can be found in the library of the institute. About 4 thousand people study at INPE NRNU MEPhI. Students from Turkey already have made friends with students from other faculties and spend non-study time together and this provides further insight into Russian.


- What do you study in the Russian language?

- During the first semester only Russian is taught using English. In the second semester in addition to the Russian language we study mathematics, physics, chemistry, drawing and programming. Study of the Russian language at the Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering is on a high level and completely depends on distribution of a student’s time in the higher education institution. Until arrival to Russia, I did not speak Russian at all but now I can express my thoughts and understand other people. If you are willing to work in a specialty in another country, then, to my opinion, knowledge of the language of this country will allow finding a good job in future without obstacles.



- How is your life in Russia?

- I spend the greater part of my time studying. The project company does the best to provide students from Turkey with all conditions for acquisition of knowledge in the sphere of nuclear power engineering. The company is interested in success of the students – future specialists of the actively developing nuclear power sector of the Republic of Turkey. AKKUYU NPP JSC organized a visit to an operating nuclear power plant for undergraduates – several groups of students visited the Kalininskaya NPP with reactors WWER-1000. We actively participate in mass cultural events – play football, basketball and attend different exhibitions. For example, I was capped for Obninsk, INPE in basketball. Generally, the style of my life in Russia has not been changed. The only thing is that I spend more time studying and learning because this is the reason why I entered the leading institution of higher education in Russia in the sphere of nuclear power engineering.


- What would you like to say to people willing to study nuclear power engineering in Russia?

- At INPE NRNU MEPhI the special attention is paid to the quality of education. Young Turkish specialists who are studying to gain a diploma of the National Research Nuclear University will be much-in-demand in the labour market in the projects of development of nuclear power engineering in the Republic of Turkey. Our country is confidently wending the way of creation of the new high-technology and innovative sector. If you are willing to study nuclear power engineering in Russia, then you should file an application through the Internet site of the Project Company and to pass the necessary stages of recruitment. You should have a desire to study, because technical subjects are much more difficult than the humanities.



For ınformation:

Training of professional specialists in the sphere of nuclear power engineering for the Republic of Turkey is carried out under the Inter-Governmental Agreement that was signed on May 12, 2010 between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey. Nowadays 190 Turkish students (78 at the pre-university faculty, 64 at the first course and 48 at the second one) are educated in nuclear specialties at NRNU MEPhI. The forth group consisting of 84 persons will arrive to Russia in October 2014.



Press Service of Akkuyu NPP according to materials of Akdeniz newspaper