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Administrators of Samsun Province greeted the participants of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC strategic seminar


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JOINT STOCK COMPANY held the strategic session for analysis of the internal work processes and formulation of strategic goals. Fuad Akhundov, Chief Executive Officer of AKKIYU NUCLEAR JSC, medium and top level managers of the company took part in the session.




Fuad Akhundov, who addressed at the beginning of the session, assessed the ending stages of the construction of “Akkuyu” NPP. He noted that the implementation of the large-scale Russian-Turkish cooperation project is proceeding according to the planned schedule and shortly it is required to create the appropriate conditions for project entry into active phase. The CEO of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC added that the session had been organized for adding new goals to the goals set earlier, which were defined in 2014: “Perhaps, last year it was yet early to say and carry out activities on several long-term goals. But today we have reached that stage of the project, when it is already required to add new goals to the goals set earlier and start solving them. We are going ahead in leaps and bounds. It is an open secret that the Russian-Turkish cooperation project for nuclear power generation has state support from the part of the leaders of both the countries”.




The top managers of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC submitted reports on company development: construction strategy of “Akkuyu” NPP, essence of the contract for the nuclear island, equipment procurement implementation plans were considered. The second day of the strategic session was fully dedicated to discussion of the issues of selecting highly professional personnel, its adaptation and improvement of the quality of works executed. The management representatives of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC also paid considerable attention to internal communications and interaction of the company with the government and public organizations.

The strategic session was held atSamsuncity in the north ofTurkey. Ibrahim Shakhin, the Governor ofSamsunProvince and Yusuf Zia Iylmaz, city Mayor came to greet the company. The Governor noted the importance of the construction project for the first Turkish nuclear power plant being implemented inMersinProvince: “Turkeyis a dynamically developing country for which the growing demand for electricity is a pressing need. This is precisely why the construction of “Akkuyu” NPP is strategically important for our country”. Yusuf Zia Iylmaz pointed up that the city ofSamsunis the energy hub of the northern part ofTurkey. The regional government representatives noted that they look forward for cooperation in implementing the construction project of the nuclear power plant in Mersin Province.

Summarizing the strategic session, Fuad Akhundov noted that similar events allow deeply analyze the level of internal processes and form the corresponding organization strategy for more effective operation. “As any large company we are obliged to draw intermediate conclusions, correct our activity in relation to time and development of production, and improve the conditions for achieving the priority tasks for all directions. Such useful strategic sessions shall be held regularly”, - emphasized the Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC.


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Samsun Province is located in the north of the Republic of Turkey. The population of the region constitutes more than 1,200,000 people. Samsun Port is one of the largest Black Sea ports of Turkey. Food and textile industries, livestock farming, horticulture, tourism are developed in the province. The city of Samsun is an energy hub of the north of the Republic.


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