“AKKUYU” NPP actively interacts with members of the Turkish educational community


AKKUYU NPP JSC Project Company held a briefing for teachers of various educational establishments of Gülnar Region of Mersin Province. Around 100 people have taken part in the event dedicated to the “Akkuyu” NPP construction project and nuclear power industry in general. Chief of the Department of Education of Gülnar Region Gazi Kırlangıç, teachers and administration of regional schools attentively listened to the Director of Akkuyu NPP Public Information Center (PIC) in the city of Mersin Faruk Uzel, who delivered a presentation on the project of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey.


At the outset of the event Mr. Gazi Kırlangıç gave an opening speech to the participants: “We’ve sent a group of pupils of our gymnasium to Akkuyu NPP PIC in Mersin. The pupils have visited the center accompanied by teachers who just as well as the children have received a significant bundle of new and extremely useful information on the nuclear industry. I would like to highlight that I am referring to a large-scale project worth 20 billion dollars. When Akkuyu NPP comes on line and begins to generate electric power, pupils from schools in the region will probably work there”.



The PIC Director Faruk Uzel started his speech by providing statistics on electric power demand in Turkey and forecasts as to its growth. Afterwards, he delivered a presentation about the project for construction of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey. “Nuclear power industry is nonhazardous for the environment. The level of productivity of nuclear power plants is extremely high, provided that they take up a small-area territory. Compared to other energy sources, the operating life of a NPP is much longer, while the operating costs are lower. Nuclear power industry can not ony help diversify the energy balance of the Republic of Turkey, but also allow us to decrease the volumes of hydrocarbons import”, - Faruk Uzel pointed out. He paid special attention to the fact, that the cost of one power energy unit generation on NPPs is lower compared to other generation facilities. The event participants learned that the Russian nuclear reactor of WWR type (pressurized water reactor) to be used on Akkuyu NPP was already on stream on nuclear power plants in 10 countries in the world. The reactors designed in Russia, including 37 reactors of WWR type, operating outside the Russian Federation, had successfully passed stress tests. The Director of PIC drew the audience’s attention to the fact that Russia was the first country in the world, where a NPP had been build and brought into operation. The first nuclear power plant was put into operation in 1954 in the city of Obninsk (the Kaluga Region, Russia), where students from Turkey are currently undergoing training in nuclear power specialties. “At the moment, 33 power generating units are operating in Russia on 10 NPPs, 9 power generating units are under construction inside the country, 22 reactors are being built outside the Russian Federation”, - said the Director of PIC.


After the end of the presentation teachers asked the speaker questions concerning the impact produced by NPPs on the agricultural sector, tourism, sea, as well as concerning the choice of a place for constructing a power station. Answering the questions, Faruk Uzel pointed out, that the place for construction of Akkuyu NPP had already been chosen in 1976 based on the results of a large-scale scientific research. The region had been recognized as an applicable area for construction of a nuclear power station according to various factors, the lowest level of seismic hazard on the whole territory of the Republic of Turkey among them. “A considerable amount of water is required for the NPP cooling system, which will be drawn from the sea. According to Turkish laws, the temperature difference of the water surface after its drawing and cooling of the 2nd reactor circuit will not exceed the temperature by more than 2 degrees in winter and by 1 degree in summer. Therefore, no negative impact on the marine life will be produced. Tens of NPPs around the world are operating on seasides and oceanfronts. Moreover, safe operation of NPPs will not affect the tourism industry and agriculture of the region”, - Faruk Uzel highlighted, having suggested looking at the example of France, where 75% of internal demand for electric power is provided for by nuclear power industry. He said: “Judging from the income received from tourism and the agricultural sector, the French Republic is among the world leaders. Nuclear power plants are operating absolutely safely in French cities, where internationally renowned health resorts are located”.


In conclusion, the participants of the briefing thanked the Director of AKKUYU NPP PIC for a detailed presenation and answers to all the raised questions. They noted that holding an open meeting of this kind enables one to familiarize oneself with the project of construction of the first NPP in Turkey to the fullest extent possible and receive competent answers to the questions from the employees of the Project Company.



Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service