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Akkuyu NPP and Toros University (Mersin, Turkey) agreed on cooperation in population information


Deputy CEO Akkuyu NPP Rauf Kasumov has met the rector of the Mersin University professor PhD Tayar Şen. The dialog was initiated by the University located in the biggest city close to the construction site of the first nuclear power plant in the Republic of Turkey. The rector expressed gratitude to Rauf Kasumov for his response to the invitation and readiness to talk over a possible collaboration. During the discussion Tayar Şen seconded the development of the nuclear industry in Turkey: “A nuclear power plant will be built in the Province of Mersin. Any actions of the anti-nuclear platform and speculations about its inexpediency go against the country’s economic growth and contradict a scientific approach in terms of technology development». The University rector expressed a wish to participate in the program aimed at training of specialists, who would be needed after completion of the Akkuyu NPP construction. «Our University has necessary lecture-rooms available, foreign language learning programs are being underway; we can train specialists and provide an additional education. Besides, the University can prepare a discussion platform in order to inform the population about the project; we would love to have you use our place for workshops and conferences” – Mr. Tayar Şen said. He reported that next November Toros University would host a conference with the subject “Energy security”, and expressed a wish to see Akkuyu NPP representatives among its attendees.


Deputy CEO Akkuyu NPP Rauf Kasumov thanked the University rector for his invitation and consideration. He was sympathetic to the initiative concerning joint activities to inform the population and scientific community. Rauf Kasumov noted that a meeting of the Company’s employees with the University’s faculty could be a first step on the way to collaboration. In the end of this month Akkuyu NPP Company will make a presentation for them about the Akkuyu NPP Project, and later a joint open conference will be arranged with detailed information about the construction stages of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey.


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Toros University is one of the three Universities of Mersin. It has been established by the Mersin Educational Foundation on October 23, 2009. The University has 3 departments and 7 chairs. As of today more than 2,000 spudents get training in the University. The University trains specialists in the field of engineering (PC, electronics, industry, software), economics, communications, architecture and arts.


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