Akkuyu NPP Endorses a Youth Football Team in Turkey


AKKUYU NPP POWER GENERATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY is taking an active part in community life in the province of Mersin, where the Republic of Turkey's first nuclear power plant is being built. The company supports regional youth activities in the fields of education and physical recreation. At the last football match in Mersin, Junior League members of the “Gülnar spor” football club were presented with sports gear and necessary equipment for Turkey's most popular sport. The youth club was created in 2012 with the support of local residents. Today about 100 people are engaged in sport activities in this club. Under the guidance of two coaches experienced in forming professional teams, they have the potential to reach the Junior League final.


The match was attended by Akkuyu NPP's Public Information Center (PIC) Director from Büyükeceli (the nearest town to the site), Lufti Sarydzhi. Welcoming the young competitors, he also extended a hand for further cooperation and collaboration, as the company would like to not only promote infrastructure in the area, but also actively interact with the citizens of Mersin.
“Without amateur sports there would be no professional. All great players started small, and now their names sound on television and radio, their photos are placed on the covers of popular magazines. I sincerely hope that in the future we will see your names in the list of world sports stars,” stated the PIC Director.




The technical administrator of “Gülnar spor”, Ismail Uzun, thanked Akkuyu NPP and said, “Despite our club being young, it is actively involved in forming a good reputation for the province’s in competitive activities. We are grateful to your company for its support. Because of this support we are able to give our children a favorable environment for training.”


The sporting event was also attended by the Head of the District's Department of Public Education, Mustafa Cetin. He emphasized the importance of sports in raising children, “We use all available forces to encourage the development of sports. Akkuyu NPP is focused on long-term cooperation with us. Hopefully our athletes meet the expectations of glorying our region and the country as a whole.”


Projects and activities of Akkuyu NPP are implemented publicly, with information openly distributed, and done in cooperation and collaboration with the citizens of Turkey. Akkuyu NPP has also taken patronage over Büyükeceli Elementary School, with employees of the company still actively participating in school activities. In early summer, a mass campaign for cleaning up waste was started, as well as an international project for students to participate in developing creative art posters on the theme of “Nature and NPPs: Friendly Neighborhood”. Three students from Mersin Province won in the “Environmental Poster” competition and visited the Kalinin NPP in Russia for the awards ceremony. Akkuyu NPP additionally supported a tree-planting campaign, now sporting a new green walkway. Also this will be the second consecutive year that the company has organized a traditional religions dinner (iftar) during Ramadan for residents of Mersin.


Akkuyu NPP plans to continue such activities aimed at the preservation of cultural values and traditions, the protection and care for the environment, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.




Press Service of Akkuyu NPP JSC