AKKUYU NPP JSC has filed to authorities of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization the EIA Report of the Akkuyu NPP Project


AKKUYU NPP JSC has filed to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MEU) the Report about Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Akkuyu NPP construction project, which considered the comments and remarks of the Turkish Ministry of Environment Commission’s members. Akkuyu NPP is to be built by the AKKUYU NPP JSC Project Company in the vicinity of Büyükeceli settlement, Gülnar Region, Mersin Province.


Last October the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report Review Commission met in its session. The members of the Commission, which combined officers of various public agencies and Universities as well as representatives of social organizations, took part in this event held in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The Commission’s representatives enunciated their wishes regarding the EIA Report.


The following institutions have sent the recommendations to the Commission dealing with EIA Report: Turkish Foundation on Greening, Environment Protection and Erosion Control, “Green World” Association, Greenpeace, “Ecological Collective” Association, Union of Physicians of Turkey and some other social organizations. Wishes of institutions, the representatives of which were members of the Commission, have been also articulated. The majority of the Commission’s members said that their relative institutions were reviewing the Report counting more than 3 thousand pages, so the opinions regarding the Report would be delivered to the Commission in writing. The Chairman of the Commission said that, since the public authorities and Universities, being parts of the Commission needed more time for the Report review and their opinion preparation, the EIA Report’s direct evaluation would be presented later. During the elapsed time the Project Company has revised the initially submitted option of the Report based on the recommendation and proposals.


MEU will notify about its decision based on the outcomes of the Commission’s evaluation of the Report with due regard to recommendations and proposals. AKKUYU NPP JSC Project Company will be able to continue its large-scale activities related to preparation for construction of the nuclear power plant.



For information:

On December 02, 2011 – while preparing the EIA Report as per the Akkuyu NPP Project – the EIA Application Dossier was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Then on March 29, 2012 the public hearings regarding the project were arranged in Büyükeceli settlement, near which the NPP will be built. Then based on the meeting in the Ministry of Environment the Commission has determined a Special Format for the EIA Report, which was sent to AKKUYU NPP JSC on May 21, 2012.



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