Akkuyu NPP organized celebration of March 8 for women of Mersin Province

In Gülnar District of Mersin Province March 8 was celebrated with the assistance of the Project Company Akkuyu NPP JSC. The ceremonial event on the occasion of the holiday had the slogan “We have energy to charge our women!” and was remembered for a lot of high points.


The District Head Tekin Dündar, Mayor of the District Center Ahmet Günel and the representatives of the local authorities took part in the event organized in the sports hall of Gülnar with the assistance of the district administration. About 500 women and children from different settlements and villages of the district were present at the event. The Project Company was represented at the festive occasion by the Director of the Public Information Center (PIC) of Akkuyu NPP in Büyükeceli settlement Lütfi Sarıcı.


The festive occasion devoted to the International Women’s Day was accompanied by live music and bright animation show. Women participating in the festive occasion were given flowers and headscarves in memory of the event at the entrance. The representatives of the weaker sex of Gülnar and neighboring districts spent an unforgettable day thanks to the brilliant entertainment program of the event, the musical performance was organized for them, dancers performed, the ensemble “Mega” popular in Turkey sang folk songs and their own compositions. For children who came to the festive occasion together with their mothers a separate entertainment program was organized. Special play spaces with different children’s animation programs were arranged in the hall and outside.



In his words of welcome of the event participants Director of the PIC Lütfi Sarıcı stressed that the woman is a support of the society. “The woman grows, teaches and prepares her children for social life. She supports and ennobles the man while she is a preserver of the family hearth”. Sarıcı noted that in the world of today the women’s lifestyle had become much more flexible than earlier. He noted that the International Women’s Day was one of the main holidays of the country in Russia, therefore, Akkuyu NPP attached so much importance to the ceremonial event on the occasion of March 8. “The woman in Turkey takes a special place. I am strongly impressed by the courage, diligence, industry and social stand of Turkish women as well as their invaluable role in education of children. We will contribute to development of the Republic of Turkey, Mersin Province, Büyükeceli, Gülnar and other cities and districts together. I congratulate all of you on the Women’s Day and wish you that the day will be remembered by you and will leave only pleasant memories behind it”, declared the Director of the PIC.




The District Head Tekin Dündar noted in turn that no words can render the importance of the woman for the society. He congratulated all women participating in the event upon the International Women’s Day. “I’d like to thank the representatives of Akkuyu NPP JSC for the fact that they have gathered us on the important day and organized such wonderful festive occasion. Gülnar needs such social and cultural events. When one of the most important projects in the Republic of Turkey – the project of construction of the first NPP in Turkey is realized, we will see the enormous contribution it will make in the development of the country”, noted Tekin Dündar.


The women who came to the festive occasion did not hide their delight at participation in the ceremonial event on the occasion of the International Women’s Day – March 8 and were not sparing of the words of thanks to the event organizer. The residents of Gülnar noted the fact that when holding such events with the rich cultural program the Project Company paid special attention to the district residents.




Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service