May 1, 2022, Buyukeceli, Mersin Province, Turkey. – On the Day of Labor and Solidarity, employees of the Akkuyu NPP project took part in the shooting of a video clip in which they performed a popular Turkish song “Hayat Bayram Olsa”. The construction workers of Turkey's first nuclear power plant sang about nobility and wisdom, love and the richness of the soul, mutual assistance, and support – the main human and professional values, on which the Akkuyu NPP teamwork is based.


Akkuyu NPP construction employs the best of the best, the most highly professional specialists who sincerely love their work. Our team is multinational, we all live near the NPP construction site, and with this song we expressed our love for Turkey, its culture, history, traditions, language, as well as respect for the local people. We thank them for their hospitality and wish this beautiful and fertile land prosperity and well-being” Anastasia Zoteeva, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC CEO noted.


The video clip was prepared together with a creative team led by the famous producer, musician and composer Timur Vedernikov.


The video clip for the famous Turkish song “Hayat Bayram Olsa” is a huge and interesting musical collaboration. Its peculiarity is that Russian construction engineers sang in Turkish, played musical instruments and even danced in a flash mob, and traditional Russian instruments sounded in the rhythm of a Turkish song. The clip turned out to be very rich in instrumental terms: it has a violin, a balalaika and a cajon. We are amazed at the scale of Turkey's first nuclear power plant construction and the team that implements this project. It was difficult for them to find time in their schedule to take part in the filming, but in the end, everything worked out, and we really hope that the Turkish audience will highly appreciate the new version of the famous song” production director Timur Vedernikov said.


The video featured more than 170 employees of Akkuyu NPP project, as well as their children. The video was shot at the Akkuyu NPP construction site and at the office of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Moscow representative office.


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