On October 25, 2019, a planned emergency response exercise was held at the construction site of Akkuyu nuclear power plant (Büyükeceli, Mersin Province, Turkey). The training involved firefighters from AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Fire Department, Mersin Fire Department, Turkish Emergency Prevention and Response Agency (AFAD), gendarmerie forces, Mersin Provincial Health Department, including the national medical rescue team (UMKE) and emergency rescue teams (Service 112), Forestry Department of the Mersin province, Elektrik Üretim Anonim Şirketi (EÜAŞ), Türkiye Elektrik İletim A.Ş. (TEİAŞ), Toroslar  A.Ş., Türkcell and Türk Telekom telecommunications companies.


The exercise was conducted with the aim of enhancing the coordination, cohesion and responsiveness of various services in emergency situations. According to regulatory documents and recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the NPP construction site, like any other industrial facility, should be ready for action in any emergency situations, both man-made and natural. Similar exercises are regularly held at nuclear power plants around the world.


According to the scenario, a hurricane provoked an emergency at the NPP site, complicated by numerous local events: a forest fire, road traffic accident, power transmission line breakdown, disruption of communication systems. Emergency rescue teams had to develop coordination skills while administering first aid and rescuing workers who were injured onsite as a result of the emergency, coordination skills in rescuing people on the water, evacuating personnel to assembly points, and extinguishing a fire.


“Emergency drills are an integral HSE element at large industrial facilities, including nuclear power plants, starting from the stage of their construction. Such exercises are held annually at all operating Rosatom nuclear power plants. Over here, at the construction site of Akkuyu NPP, already at the initial construction phase, we are honing the preparedness of the relevant services for any situations and are actively cooperating in this field with the local authorities and relevant departments of Turkey,” said Anastasia Zoteeva, CEO of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC.


In accordance with the plan, more than 170 people and about 50 units of transport vehicles and special equipment were involved in the emergency response exercise. The rescue teams performed tasks to save people and eliminate the consequences of the hurricane, evacuated more than 2,000 people working from the site to assembly points.


Ensuring the protection of employees and the local population working on the site from the consequences of emergencies is one of the most important priorities of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC during the construction and further operation of Akkuyu NPP.

About Akkuyu NPP


Akkuyu NPP is the first-ever nuclear power plant to be built in the Republic of Turkey. The project is being implemented based on the Inter-Governmental Agreement on cooperation in the construction and operation of nuclear power plant at Akkuyu site in the Republic of Turkey concluded between the Government of the Russian Federation and Government of the Republic of Turkey on 12 May 2010. The project stipulates the construction of four power units equipped with Russian-designed generation 3+ VVER reactors. The capacity of each NPP power unit will amount to 1200 MW. Currently the project is entirely financed by the Russian side. Rosatom State Corporation is the majority shareholder of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC which has committed itself to the design, construction, maintenance, operation and decommissioning of the power plant. Akkuyu NPP is the first project in the global nuclear industry being implemented according to Build-Own-Operate model.

About Rosatom State Corporation


The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM is one of the global technological leaders possessing the resources and competences for successful operation at all levels of the nuclear power production chain - from uranium mining to NPP decommissioning to nuclear waste processing.


Rosatom is the largest electricity producer in Russia, meeting more than 18% of the country's energy needs. The Company is a global leader in terms of the foreign project portfolio amount, with 36 power units in 12 countries at different stages of implementation. Rosatom is the world's first uranium enrichment company and the fourth-largest uranium producer; it has the world's second-largest uranium stocks, and also accounts for 17% of the nuclear fuel market.


The State Corporation incorporates about 400 enterprises and organizations, including the world's only nuclear icebreaker fleet. They employ a total of about 250,000 people.