June 10, 2021 – Buyukeceli, Mersin province, Turkey. - AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC employees together with a group of children from Buyukeceli Primary School took part in “Seeds of Hope” event launched by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and the school. At the event seedlings of avocado trees were planted in the school’s garden, and the children were presented flower seeds. The activity was held in compliance with precautionary measures established due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The event was attended by Gulnar District National Education Director Huseyin Kadim, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Director of Communications Kiyra Staples, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Regional Communication Unit Expert Eyup Lutfi Sarici, Buyukeceli Primary School Principal Serhat Ozgur Ozturk as well as teachers and pupils. As part of the activity, six avocado trees were planted in the school’s garden. The avocado tree was chosen because of its compatibility with the local climate conditions and its evergreen nature. The school plans to plant 40 different fruit trees in the garden for the children who will take care of them. 


Speaking at the event, Gulnar District National Education Director Huseyin Kadim, said that this activity was organized in cooperation with AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC. “As you know, the world is faced with climate change and drought. These issues affect our country and region as well. Gulnar and Buyukeceli have been faced with drought for some time now. It has not rained in a long time, and this has different reasons. However, there are duties which fall on every person and every country. We all have to make an effort on an individual basis to fight against these problems. Here we are planting a fruit tree garden to make our own contribution and raise the awareness among children about the importance of caring for the environment. I would like to thank our primary and secondary principals as well as our school administrator Salih Karaca for their efforts in this regard. I would also like to take this chance to thank Akkuyu officials for their involvement. Hopefully, this area will soon turn into a green garden.”

Also speaking at the event, Buyukeceli Primary School Principal Serhat Ozgur Ozturk thanked everyone for their efforts. “We are here today to sow seeds and plant seedlings. With this beautiful organization, the seeds will turn into seedlings, seedlings into trees and trees into forests,” he said, referring to the words of a popular Turkish children’s song.


Respectively, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Regional Communication Department Expert Eyup Lutfi Sarici said that the company would contribute to nature conservation with the environment-friendly nuclear power plant being built in Buyukeceli, calling the plant the source of clean and green energy of the future. “This event marked not only the beginning of the garden, but also a step to a sustainable future for young generation who will live here. Together with nuclear power plant that will produce clean and reliable energy for decades, we say ‘Hello’ to a more livable nature in Buyukeceli. I would like to congratulate you all who give life to nature and protect the environment. Good luck and success in your lessons and in your future life,” Sarici added.