20 May 2020, Büyükeceli, Gülnar, Mersin, Turkey,


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC managers met with company’s young employees. AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC managers conducted a meeting at Akkuyu NPP construction site facilities, and the company’s Ankara headquarters attended the meeting through video conference. Vice General Manager and NPP Construction Director Sergei Butskikh, Managing Director for GR and International Cooperation Aleksei Frolov, HR Director Yulia Zholobova, and Director for Sustainable Development and Communications Tatiana Klevantseva attended the meeting which included a large working group consisting of employees under the age of 36 including Turkish young specialists who recently graduated from National Nuclear Researches University (NRNU) MePhI, and Russian young employees. The meeting participants observed precaution measures against COVID-19 using masks and keeping social distance.


Sergei Butskikh congratulated the employees on the occasion of the 19th of May the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, and informed the meeting participants regarding the Akkuyu NPP project’s progress, current status, and the upcoming stages of the construction process. He emphasized he looks into the future with hope in regard to the young experts who will take active part in the company’s corporate life, as well as they will take on the task of commissioning and operation of the first NPP in Turkey.


HR Director Yulia Zholobova emphasized this year is very special for the project, noting the fact the Russian nuclear industry celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2020, as well as the Akkuyu project marks 10th anniversary of signing the of the Russia-Turkey Intergovernmental Agreement on cooperation in the field of nuclear power plant construction,  and also the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Akkuyu Nuclear JSC. Yulia Zholobova and the young employees discussed social policies of the company, talked of the future sports and other social events. Yulia Zholobova called the participants of the meeting to actively propose new ideas for corporate and social events’ organisation. According to Zholobova, HR department officially represents the company as employer, and it is always in an open dialogue with the employees, and ready to consider all kinds of questions and initiatives.  Young specialists revealed interest in internship programs at Russian nuclear power plants, social policy matters, and questions related to relocation. They asked for additional communication channels to be set up for company staff to access information on cultural, sports, and social events.

Young specialist Yusuf Kılıç, graduated from NRNU MEPhI in 2019, shared his impressions about the meeting as follows: “The meeting was very useful. It was a great opportunity to communicate directly with company executives. It is important for us to know management trusts us, they listen to our requests, and they consider us to be important for the future of the project. We understand the team work depends on us to a large extent, and so the working process depends on us in many ways, too. We are ready to use our energy for the benefit of the project development.”


As the meeting wrap-up, Alexey Frolov pointed out one’s age is not what is stated in one’s passport or ID, but it is defined by one’s mood, and he requested to be included on the youth association list, along with Sergei Butskikh.


 By the middle of 2020, he number the Akkuyu Nuclear JSC employees will reach up to 1000 people including 400 young specialists. In June this year it is expected that 55 young specialists graduated from MEPhI this year will join the company’s employee team.


For information:


In December 2017, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC International Youth Council ((UGK) was founded by young employees of the company. The aim of the association is to facilitate the exchange of best practices and professional experience in order to increase the efficiency of the workflow, to improve corporate culture, and ensure the sustainable development of the company. The members of the association also took an active role in applying for the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) organization. The IYNC will be held in 2022 in Sochi, Russia.