October 28, 2022, Boğsak, Mersin province, Turkey. – The traditional angling competition was held in the village of Boğsak near the construction site of Akkuyu NPP, the first nuclear power plant in the Republic of Turkey. 


Local amateur fishermen took part in the event. The competition was held in two categories: among teams – to determine the largest catch by weight, as well as in the individual competition in which the winner was the participant who caught the largest fish.


Before the start of the competition the participants had an obligatory safety briefing and received special uniforms, after which six fishing boats with the teams went to sea.


At the end of the competition a specialist of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC conducted dosimetric control of the caught fish. The competitions are planned to be held every year during the construction stage and later during the operation stage of Akkuyu NPP. In this way, local residents will be able to make sure that the nuclear power plant is safe for the environment and does not affect the biodiversity of the marine ecosystem.


After measuring and weighing the catch, the jury announced the winners. The team of Özkan Tanacıoğlu and Sait Tiraş won the team competition; Gökhan Yılmaz took first place in the individual competition.


The winners were awarded fishing gear kits. All participants were given memorable souvenirs and photos from AKKUYU NUCLEAR.


The award ceremony was attended by Abdullah Aslaner, Head of the Silifke district administration, and Hüseyin Koçak, Deputy Mayor of Silifke. 


Anastasia Zoteeva Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC: "I am very glad that the fishing competitions, which our company organizes, are becoming a good tradition and cause more and more interest of local fishermen. Last year the tournament was held in Aydıncık, this year we decided to hold the competition in the beautiful Boğsak Bay. Mersin province and Akkuyu region are a land of amazing natural beauty. We are going to take care of it! Fish have been caught here, are being caught here, and will continue to be caught here. We will hold competitions regularly even after Akkuyu NPP is commissioned. This way we can clearly demonstrate the environmental friendliness of nuclear power. Compliance with all the environmental legislation in Turkey is also confirmed by regular monitoring of soil, air, groundwater, and the marine environment at the Akkuyu NPP site and nearby areas."

Jury member Hasan Artırık, Deputy Chairperson of the Aydıncık Chamber of Agriculture: "I gladly accepted AKKUYU NUCLEAR's offer to be a member of the jury, and I am grateful to the company for this opportunity. The event was great, we all had great fun! Last year I also took part in the fishing competition, and my team won first place. It is a great tradition; I hope that such events will take place every year. Many people in Mersin province are passionate about fishing, and fishing competitions are a great way to have a good time and do something you love. Thank you, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC"

Fishing competitions near nuclear power plants have long been traditional in Russia, and they always attract great interest from participants and local residents. In September, Rosatom State Corporation organized the second international fishing championship in the waters of the Gulf of Finland, in the immediate vicinity of Leningrad NPP, Russia's largest operating nuclear power plant in terms of installed capacity. 26 amateur fishermen took part in the competition. They were representatives of Russia and states where Rosatom implements or plans to implement projects to build nuclear power plants: Hungary, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Armenia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. One of the main goals of such tournaments is to clearly demonstrate to the general public the environmental friendliness of nuclear power and its safety for the flora and fauna of nearby water bodies. This tradition is now being initiated in Turkey as well, where contestants fish in the Mediterranean Sea near the Akkuyu NPP Construction Site. Such competitions were first held here in 2014.