AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC receives the Generation License


The Turkish Energy Market Regulation Authority (EPDK) issued the Generation License for AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC which will build the first nuclear power plant in Turkey.

On February 28, 2017 AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC filed the application for the Generation License to the EPDK. While reviewing the application the EPDK examined a wide range of documents, including the Program of Project Implementation and Company’s constitutional documents. After thorough review of the application documentation the Board of Directors of EPDK made a decision on approval of the application for the License (Resolution of EPDK # 7133 of 15.06.2017, and issued the Generation License to AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC valid until 15.06.2066 (49 years).

In the nearest future AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC counts on obtain the final land permits from the Ministry of Forest and land property rights from the Ministry of Finance of Turkey. In the next stage AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC has to obtain the Limited Construction Permit from the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK). And it will allow starting construction activities at the “non-nuclear” part of the plant, for instance, “Turbine Island” and auxiliary buildings and structure.

Receipt of the main Construction License and consequently first concrete pouring is expected in March, 2018. Under the terms of IGA commissioning of the first power unit should happen not later than 7 years following issuance of all authorizations by the Republic of Turkey.


For reference:

The construction project of the first Akkuyu NPP in Turkey is being implemented based on the Intergovernmental Agreement signed between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey in Ankara in May 2010. On October 13, 2011 TAEK transferred to AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC the effective site license, and in November 2013 the Authority approved the Basic Site Report (BSR) prepared by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC under the terms of the Site License (applicable to construction of Akkuyu NPP of 4800 MW capacity). On December 01, 2014 the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey approved the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) concerning the Akkuyu NPP and prepared by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC. On June 25, 2015 the Turkish Energy Market Regulation Authority issued to AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC the Preliminary Generation License. On June 29, 2015 AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and Turkish Cengiz İnşaat signed the contract on design and building of the off-shore hydraulic structures of Akkuyu NPP. On February 09, 2017 TAEK approved the design parameters of the Akkuyu NPP site which were investigated, justified and submitted to TAEK within the framework of the Site Parameters Report (SPR) of the Akkuyu NPP construction project.


Press release provided by Press service of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC