"Akkuyu - Place of Power", a documentary, has made its premiere on the official AKKUYU NUCLEAR YouTube channel. A recent historic event, i.e. joining the community of countries using nuclear technologies for electricity generation by the Republic of Türkiye, inspired film producers to create the movie.


The documentary introduces its viewers to a part of the team that operates at the Akkuyu NPP construction site and has made a great contribution to obtaining the nuclear facility status for the first time in Türkiye's history. In the movie, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Chief Executive Officer Anastasia Zoteeva, told about her management style and features of the project that has already made it into history of cooperation of Russia and Türkiye.


"My team-building principle is based on professionalism. I invited the best specialists to the project and created proper conditions for them. I created a special mechanism in which the team exists independently and clearly knows how to achieve the set objectives. We bear great responsibility. We are building 4 power units simultaneously, and it is currently the world's largest construction site," — commented AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Chief Executive Officer Anastasia Zoteeva.


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC First Deputy Chief Executive Officer — Director of Akkuyu NPP under Construction Sergei Butckikh shared interesting details on the team work: "I joined this project without my own team: I did not bring anyone I worked with before. My task was to turn each employee into a member of a large international team. I would go so far as to say that I have managed to do that. Now it is truly my team, I count on them, and I trust them. And they come to me, either to seek my help or to find a solution; it is passion and courage that matter. As François Rabelais once put it: "Fortune favors the brave and turns its back on the shy".