Ankara will support Turkish companies, wishing to join Akkuyu NPP project in the future


The Ministry of Energy of Turkey will support Turkish private energy companies, which would like to buy a part of Akkuyu shares in the future, the Minister of energy and Power Resources of Turkey Taner Yildiz told to RIA Novosti.

"There are no problems for us, if 20-25% of Akkuyu shares are held by the private sector. We even support such an initiative", - the Minister told after the 12th meeting of the Mixed Intergovernmental Russian-Turkey Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation, which took place in Antalya. Hereby the Minister emphasized that the state does not interfere into the affairs of private companies. According to him, those companies, which are interested in such cooperation, can hold negotiations with Russia by themselves and then inform the Turkish Ministry of their results. "And then we’ll take a decision, beneficial for us, for the society, for Turkey ", - Yildiz emphasized.

According to the agreement between Russia and Turkey on implementation of Akkuyu NPP project, the Russian company deals with construction and operation of the nuclear power plant to the full extent, and the question o acquisition of Akkuyu shares can emerge only in the remote future.



Source: RIA Novosti