Another group of Turkish students paid a visit to the operating Russian nuclear power plant


The group of the second year students, undergoing training under the specialist training program for Akkuyu NPP in the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (NRNU MEPhI) visited Kalinin NPP (city of Udomlya, Tver Oblast, Russia). The students visited this large energy facility and the Training Center (TC) of the plant. AKKUYU NUCLERA JOINT STOCK COMPANY sponsored the visit.


Marina Yudina, specialist of the Information and Public Relation Department, arranged an excursion of the NPP. The students have been informed that unit 1 of the plant was put into operation in 1984, and in 2014 the plant celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. At the NPP the Turkish students visited the reactor building, turbine hall of unit 4, unit pump stations, turbines, unit reactor control room, mobile back-up diesel generators. During the tour the students put questions about the number of employees of the nuclear power plant, the safety systems and principles of their operation, equipment manufacturing and fuel for NPP, technical characteristics and special features of the Russian-design VVER-1000 reactors.




The students got to hear that over a period of several years the Russia fishing championship took place in the immediate proximity to nuclear stations. In 2009 the championship was at the cooling pond of Novovoronezh NPP, in 2011 – at Rostov NPP, in 2012 – at Smolensk NPP. And in 2013 the cooling pond of Kalinin NPP hosted the All-Russia fishing championship.


After to tour to the nuclear power plant the students visited the NPP’s Training Center located in the satellite town of Udomlya. Vyacheslav Efrushkin, Deputy Head of the Training Center, told that the TC of power unit 4 of the Russian NPP simulated to a tee the control panel installed at the operating power unit. The students learned how the training simulator operated, and they could to see for themselves that every button and every lamp was responsible for specific processes of the reactor’s operation. The future Turkish nuclear physicists were able to act as nuclear power plant’s operators.




A student, Chigdem Sharlayan, shared her impressions about the visit to the NPP: «I liked the excursion very much. It was very useful for us. I learned that 4 power units, equipped with VVER-1000 water-water reactors of 1,000 MW capacity each, work at Kalinin NPP. In the TC of the nuclear power plant we saw the training materials and were told about the techniques applied for personnel training».


The group leader, Orchun Choban, said: «I was impressed by the extent of the Russian Kalinin NPP. We saw for ourselves, that the plant is quite safe – thousands of people are working there; and a real town is located right 3 kilometer apart from it, where over 30,000 people are living. Around the plant there are many residential areas, woods and lakes, where people relax and angle. I am looking forward to graduate from the NRNU MEPhI and start working at Akkuyu NPP».


The Human Resource Directorate of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC together with Russian Universities pays attention to implementation of the specialist training program for the first Turkish nuclear power plant. The students educated under the program pay visits to industrial enterprises – constituent parts of Rosatom SC. For instance, in 2014 several groups visited Kalinin NPP, in the beginning of 2015 – machinery works producing the fuel elements for nuclear reactors. The joint stock company also attracts students to participate in various cultural, educational and public events organized in the NRNU MEPhI.


For reference:

Kalinin NPP is located in the north end of Tver Oblast 120 km far from the town of Tver. The distance to Moscow — 260km, up to Saint-Petersburg – 320km. In 2014 Kalinin NPP celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. KNPP is the largest power generating facility in the Russia midland. It operates 4 power units with VVER-1000 reactors with installed capacity of 1000 MW each. The nearest residential area is town of Udomlya with population of above 30,000 people. . In the territory of Oblast there is a biggest environmentally protected site, the Central Forest Reserve 46,061.00 hectare in area. Tver Oblast has developed agriculture: rye, oats, feed crops, potatoes, vegetables are cultivated here.