Atomenergoproject has completed the engineering surveys to develop the design documentation for Akkuyu NPP


The engineering survey professionals of Atomenergoproject OJSC (Moscow, General Designer of Akkuyu NPP) have accomplished the basic field works, necessary to develop the design documentation for the first Turkish NPP.


The geodetic surveys, analyses of soil and ground water samples as well as other field operations continued from February through November. The package of the reference data concerning the site natural and technogenic conditions will be compiled by the end of December for design support.


Moreover the technical reports will be prepared per individual engineering surveys (geological engineering, hydrometeorological, ecological surveys and so forth), which will also be used for preparing the materials to license the NPP construction.


Now Atomenergoproject OJSC is updating the program to monitor the site parameters starting from 2013; the engineering surveys are being planned, which will assist in development of the detailed documentation for construction.


Source: Atomenergoproject OJSC