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Beloyarsk NPP: the first power program completed at the power unit with BN-800 reactor

On the 9th of February, 2016 Unit 4 of Beloyarsk nuclear power plant with BN-800 reactor completed all tests under the first power program. The integral tests were successfully completed for the reactor unit operation at 50% power during 72 hours. All design criteria of the unit operation were confirmed by test results. The reactor unit continues operating at this power level.

In the coming time, Rostechnadzor is expected to grant a permit for the start of a new power build-up stage, i.e. the pilot commercial operation, during which power will be gradually raised up to 100% of the rated value. Then, the reactor unit will be commissioned for the commercial operation.

It is planned that during 2016 the new reactor unit with BN-800 will produce about 3,500 million kWh of electricity.

Source: Information and Public Relations Department of Beloyarsk NPP