By 2015 the installed capacity of Chinese NPPs will achieve 10% of the world-wide capacity



By 2015 the installed capacity of Chinese nuclear power plants will increase up to 42 GW and will amount to 10% of the world-wide capacity, said the General Director of Chinese Nuclear Energy Association, Zhang Huazhu. On November 28 he spoke at the conference “Nuclear Energy, Power and Environment” organized by the universities of Beijing and Hong Kong in the city of Zhuhai of Guangdong province, China Daily reports.


In his speech Zhang Huazhu  noted that by 2015 “or some time later” there will be 41 nuclear power units in operation and 20 reactors under construction in China. “With regard of good working performance and reasonable location,  it is hardly probable that the events that occurred in Fukushima would occur at Chinese NPPs”, - he emphasized. At the end of October the State Council of the People’s Republic of China cancelled the moratorium on the approval of new NPP projects that was imposed in March 2011.


Currently, 15 power units of NPP are operating on six sites in the PRC. They provide 3,5% of the world-wide nuclear output and produce 1,85% of electric power in the country.