Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NPP JSC met with the representatives of the Administration of Mersin Province (Turkey)


Fuad Akhundov, Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NPP JSC, held a formal meeting with Emin Sait Karahanlıoğlu, Vice-Governor of Mersin Province, and Fatih Damatlar, Head of the Administration of Silifke region.


During the meeting with Emin Karahanlıoğlu the manager of the Project Company provided exhaustive information about the status of the Akkuyu NPP construction project. He told about the safety systems of the first Turkish nuclear power plant, possible prospects for province development, potential for economic development of the region after construction of the nuclear power plant. Fuad Akhundov said that the Project Company intended to work closely with Turkish construction companies. The Chief Executive Officer underlined the fact that the Company was receiving a lot of questions from Turkish entrepreneurs about the start of the project full-scale activities. The AKKUYU NPP JSC’s CEO added: “The civil engineering work begins after receipt of all permitting documents”. The impact of the project on the tourism area was also addressed during the discussion. France is one of the most telling exemple that the nuclear energy does not negatively impact on the tourism. The country has very high indices of the nuclear electric power generation (up to 75%) and at the same time is among the states which attract the biggest number of tourists in the world. «Today Turkey is deprived of the nuclear energy generation opportunity. The Republic spends dozens of billions of dollars annually to import natural gas to be used for electric generation. One can say that the country actually burns its money. But it can generate similar amount of electric power by importing uranium to the amount of just 500 million dollars instead of buying natural gas abroad. It is a meaningfull profit” Fuad Akhundov said.



The recent visit to Russia of the representatives of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT) was addressed at the meeting. The delegation of the Turkish parliament members headed by Halil Mazıcıoğlu, Chairman of the GNAT Committee on Industry, Trade, Energy and Natural Resources, familiarized itself with Russian nuclear technologies by visiting two Russian NPPs under construction: Novovoronezh NPP-2 and Leningrad NPP-2. Following this visit the Turkish mass media made public the parliamentarians’ opinions about their acquaintance with the Russian nuclear industry. The comments of the delegation members were solely positive.


Emin Sait Karahanlıoğlu, Vice-Governor of Mersin Province, thanked the manager of the Project Company for his visit and information provided and wished every success in implementation of this large-scale project.


The same day the Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NPP JSC met Fatih Damatlar, Head of the Administration of Silifke region. Fuad Akhundov drew attention of the officer to the fact that the Akkuyu NPP construction project would bring benefits not only to Gülnar region where the construction site is located but for Silifke region too. He stressed that the first NPP in Turkey was one of the most wide-ranging and significant project in the newest hystory of the Republic of Turkey. The manager of the Project Company said that the process of obtaining permits to commence construction of the nuclear power plant would take some time and added: “The preparatory period activities on the construction project of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey are going on. And we’ll begin the civil engineering work after obtaining all necessary permits and licenses only. The Project Company performs all of its activities in compliance with the Turkish legislation”. The Head of the Administration of Silifke region thanked Fuad Akhundov for provided information and stressed that the burgeoning economy of Turkey needed nuclear energy and the regional public authorities were ready to facilitate the implementation of the Akkuyu NPP project.


After his visits to the officers of Mersin Province the Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NPP JSC Fuad Akhundov came to the settlement of Büyükeceli, the nearest residential area to Akkuyu NPP. The manager of the Project Company accompanied by Alexander Afrov, Deputy CEO – Technical Director, and Dmitriy Tveritinov, Director of the NPP under construction, familiarized himself with the on-site activities of the preparatory period. The Chief Executive Officer visited the site allocated for the permanent residential area in Büyükeceli, discussed the issue of begining of the living accommodation construction for the future NPP’s personnel. Fuad Akhundov also paid a visit to the Public Information Center (PIC) of Akkuyu NPP in Büyükeceli, had a look at its exhibition, listened to the report of the PIC Director Lütfi Sarıcı who summarized the work with the local community, and communicated with Hilal Göktaş, schoolboy from Büyükeceli who was first in the International Children Creative Contest dedicated to the nuclear energy “Today – science fiction, tomorrow - reality!».



Press Service of Akkuyu NPP