Children from the Republic of Turkey have taken part in the International Smart Holidays under the Rosatom School project


The International project ‘Smart Holidays’ supported by Rosatom and the Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo has ended in Penza district. Schoolchildren from Russia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Republic of South Africa and Turkey took part in it. The children’s parents are employed in enterprises, which cooperate with Rosatom on implementation of projects in the nuclear industry. Schoolchildren from Turkish village of Büyükeceli and city of Silifke, province of Mersin, where on the coast of the Mediterranean sea a nuclear power plant based on the Russian technologies will be built, participated in this winter holidays.

The curriculum of the winter session comprised artistic, sporting and cultural events. Right from the beginning the children plunged into polylingual and eventful environment. Having arrived in Moscow they went on the general sightseeing tour over the main streets of Moscow; after that they headed into the children’s recreation center in Penza district. In the center the children were involved into sledding, dog sledging, winter fishing and traditional Russian amusements. Besides that they had daily classes with professional teachers. The children participated in theatrical performances, made concert numbers, talked about cultural traditions of their countries, crafted various things with their own hands, took part in educational quests and entertaining flashmobs.

At the end of the session the schoolchildren from Turkey, who had never traveled outside their province before, gladly shared their emotions:

Hurie Dibekli (city of Silifke, Turkey): “We have never seen so much snow! What we will remember for long time for sure is huge snow-drifts. We had never jumped into snow and played snowballs before.”

Hussein Sarı (Büyükeceli village, Turkey): “I am going to tell my schoolmates at home about the most important conclusion that I have made during my visit to Russia: we all should learn foreign languages. There are a lot of interesting people around us and if we want to know more about their cultural traditions, if we want to travel around the world and make new friends we have to know foreign languages.”

Ibrahim Şahin (Büyükeceli village, Turkey): “This project made me braver. Before this trip I was too shy to speak before my classmates even. But now I’m brave enough to appear on stage and to take part in theatrical performances. If you really want something, you can achieve it.”

Hatice Dibekli (Büyükeceli village, Turkey) “I have made friends here with many children from different countries. Now we realize that a true friendship can overcome any barriers. We have the contact information of each other and will definitely communicate in future.”

According to the results of this session of ‘Smart Holidays’ two children from Turkey (Ibragim Şahin from Büyükeceli and Hurie Dibekli from Silifke) joined the winners of the project because of their active participation in all activities. The organizers have invited them to come to the next session in future without a competition.

Natalia Shurochkova, head of the Rosatom school project congratulated the participants and said :”We have already made this international project in Hungary, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Finland, Thailand and Russia.” This year was the first when our friends from Turkey joined us. All the participants heartily welcomed them. Children from Mersin province get along with their peers from other regions quickly. They said a lot of interesting things about their native country. We hope our cooperation will continue and we will organize one of the sessions of Smart Holidays project nearby the construction site of “Akkuyu” NPP on the Mediterranean seashore. Participants from many countries will go there and after the end of the session and returning home each of them will be able to tell his or her compatriots about the hospitality of Mersin province.”

Konstantin Ryzhak, First Deputy Chief Executive Officer of “Akkuyu” NPP, said: “Together with our Turkish colleagues we tackle many key construction issues everyday here at the “Akkuyu” NPP construction site. We will have to work and live together at the “Akkuyu” NPP site for many years and it is essential for us to feel the backing of the local community. Good-neighborly cooperation, mutual understanding and mutual supportiveness of each other are the key factors of effective realization of such major project as “Akkuyu” NPP. I am sincerely glad that we have promoted the visit of our good neighbors’ children to Russia. They have learnt a lot of new things, made friends with their peers from different countries. I hope that in future we will have many interesting projects in which all of us and our children will take active part for the sake of our further friendship and better understanding of each other.”




AKKUYU NPP JSC press relations service