19th May 2020, Mersin, Turkey


On the occasion of National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, Representation of Rossotrudnichestvo in the Republic of Turkey and Akkuyu Nuclear JSC organized a children’s painting contest “Draw Your Dream”. Children were asked to paint their dearest wishes. More than 100 young artists from different regions of Turkey showed great interest in the painting contest.


Aleksei Frolov, Akkuyu Nuclear JSC Managing Director for GR and International Cooperation, made a statement about the topic:


“For our company realization of such projects is part of cooperation in humanitarian and social areas. It is important to reinforce the intercultural ties of the Russian and Turkish people and to support our children’s interest in sports, science, and creative activituies. It is quite a challenge for the children to keep their positive attitude at this time when they are staying at home. We suggested them to dream and to express their wishes in painting creatively. We did not limit their imagination and wanted their dreams to come from their hearts without any limitations. Our intention was warmly welcomed by many young artists and they sent interesting paintings! Even if the topics were different, what they want most is to return to school, communicate with their friends and go for walks. They are deprived of these things now. I would like to thank all young artists and of course their parents who supported and helped their children to participate in the contest. The success of children from Gülnar and Silifke, the region of our project, made us especially happy. Their works were highly praised by the jury members, and they won three prizes”.


14-year-old Vadim Lobanov from Silifke is one of the prize-winners. He named his painting “I Want To Wander”. The drawing depicts a boy with a kite running across golden wheat field, eternal greenery, blue sky and a river. His mother, Tatiana Lobanova noted:


“My son does not paint very often, however when he does, the works look fantastic. Vadik says that painting is a miraculous and fairy world for him. He created his painting for the contest on his own. I only reminded him of the composition and perspective. Vadik painted in watercolor pencils for the first time in this contest, so his painting is experimental. The color spectrum was so beautiful that it surprised him! I think that such contests are important, especially in the isolation conditions. Children have a chance to express their thoughts by painting and the joy of winning encourages them to continue their creative activities!” 



Children from Ankara, Antalya, İstanbul and other cities also sent many bright and extraordinary paintings. Some of them painted with crayons, others – with a pencil. However, most of the paintings were made with watercolors. All the children’s dreams were different: to look to the starry sky together with favorite cat, to have a flight in a balloon, to see a panda, to sit at the seaside, to own a cat, to go to school or just to have a walk outside. Three paintings from each of the three age categories, 4–6, 7–10 and 11–14 years old, were selected by the contest jury members. The jury evaluated the skill to expressan idea in a creative way, the level of artistic performance and compliance with the contest subject. Maya Yetişen was among those who were ranked. Her dream in her painting was seen as a blue sky, a large rainbow, sun, home, mother, father, and her beloved cat. 5-year-old Maya lives with her mother in İstanbul. Her mother Alla Yetişen noted:



“Our Maya has been painting every day since she was 10-month-old. When I told her about this contest, she started painting at once. She kept asking me questions “Mom, what is the status of the contest? I worked hard!”. When they called us and told us Maya won the contest, she was on top of the world. I believe that such contests are great opportunities for children to show their abilities. They are attention-grabbing for parents too. Maya and I talked about her dreams to get ready. I asked her about what she wanted and dreamt of. In our family art has an important place, we often go to museums. We try to develop in Maya the love of painting. In our home, there are many paintings!”



In addition to the award certificates, the gifts – backpacks filled with stationery items, Akkuyu Nuclear JSC t-shirts and books – were presented to nine contest winners. All the prize-winning paintings were published on the website of Rossotrudnichestvo Representation in the Republic of Turkey.