April 23, 2022, Buyukeceli, Mersin Province, Turkey. – On April 23, on the occasion of the National Sovereignty Day and Children's Day, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC organized a visit to Akkuyu NPP construction site for the children of the project employees. A special bus tour to the nuclear construction site was organized for the children to see where their parents work.


Denis Sezemin, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Director for Construction and Production Organization Denis Sezemin: , and Maxim Kucherenko, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Construction Division Manager, acted as guides for their little guests. After a mandatory safety briefing for all visitors to the site and receiving special children's helmets and reflective vests, the children, accompanied by their parents and guides, went on a tour of the site of Turkey's first nuclear power plant.


General Manager of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Anastasia Zoteeva: “April 23 is a special holiday, and we tried to make this day memorable for the children of our employees. Every child is curious to know about the place of their mom and dad’s work, especially if that place is a large-scale and unique project. To satisfy our children's curiosity, we opened the doors of the Akkuyu NPP for the children to visit the most interesting places of our construction site. I am sure that the kids got a lot of great impressions! Tours for the children to the Akkuyu NPP construction site are a part of a large-scale career guidance project. It started in January of this year. Our engineers, builders, firefighters, and other site employees give workshops and open classes, where they talk about specifics of their work and help the children choose a profession for their future. It is a very important and necessary work to do because everything we do is for the benefit of future generations.”

The first point of the excursion route was the Eastern Marine Cargo Terminal, where ships from different countries bring equipment for the nuclear power plant. Then the kids saw the world's most powerful crawler crane Liebherr LR 13000 and even had a sit in the crane operator's chair. The construction specialists showed the children how to operate such construction equipment as dump trucks, excavators, loaders.


The builders told them that roe deer, wild boars and mountain goats live and wander near the nuclear power plant site, while seals and turtles inhabit the sea nearby. The children were surprised to find out that the animals feel completely safe here, as the NPP construction site had received the status of a special security zone, where hunting is completely prohibited.


The guests of the construction site visited the highest point of the site at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level. From there, a picturesque panorama opens up allowing a chance to see the enormous scale of the construction. The children took photos from the spot. After that, they returned to the office buildings, where some paint cans and stencils had been already prepared for them. The young artists painted a huge wall, sharing their emotions and impressions, which will remain as a memory from the tour.


“The future of mankind cannot be imagined without powerful and stable sources of electricity. In the modern world it is crucial to assure that the generation of electricity does not harm the environment. Nuclear power, as an integral part of green technologies for generating electricity, helps to preserve the planet's ecosystem. Akkuyu NPP, which is currently under construction, has already changed the lives of many residents of the region for the better and created a basis for a prosperous present and confident future. To make life easier, happier, and safer for new generations is our main task. I would like to congratulate all children on holiday and urge adults to give children as much time and attention as possible with all love and care. For my part, I confirm that we will definitely continue educational work with children, and the excursions to the construction site will be organized regularly,” said Anastasia Zoteeva.


At the end of the program, the participants enjoyed refreshments and memorable souvenirs which had been prepared for them in advance. The children and their parents were happy to share their impressions of visiting the NPP construction site.


Romella Gayret, an expert in the Social Policy Unit of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, mother of Arda and Emre Gayret (8 years old): “We are very happy that our children have visited the site. They have been always asking where their mother works and finally, they have got a chance to visit the place. It has been a long time since they wanted to see everything with their own eyes, and today their dream has come true. They know that this project is international, and they were happy to be photographed with two flags at once, Russian, and Turkish. I'm sure they'll talk about it at school now."

Sine Karatash, 10 years old: “My dad works here. At home, he tells me a lot about the construction. But I could not even imagine how big it is. This is a whole city with roads, houses, and equipment. I have been preparing for the excursion for a long time, being very excited to join the program. Today I got up at 6 in the morning, as I was afraid to oversleep. Everything was great! Aside from seeing the construction site, we also drew, took pictures and received gifts!”

Sevil Kutlu, specialist of the turbine shop and an organizer of the tour, “It was not a coincidence that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk gave children one of the most important holidays of the Republic of Turkey – the National Sovereignty Day. He believed that there is nothing more important than children as they are going to build the future of our country. Therefore, on April 23, there are very many festive events organized for children throughout Turkey. And today they have become the main guests at our site too! They saw the most important and interesting places on the site, they had an opportunity to paint on the wall, they received treats and souvenirs. In a word, they enjoyed a real holiday!”

Kerim Ozdemir, 7 years old: “I couldn't even expect that I would be able not only to tour around the site, but also to draw on the wall. It was a real surprise! I also enjoyed a delicious lunch. Now I know where my mother works!”