China stakes on Russian technologies


On the eve of the visit of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to the People's Republic of China a contract was signed in Beijing for the amount, exceeding a billion dollars. The document provides for regular supplies of nuclear fuel and components for its production to China with participation of Russia within 12 years. The contract has already been called one of the most beneficial for the entire history of bilateral relations. It brings both states to a new level of strategic partnership in the high tech sphere.


Up to 2025 China will get nuclear fuel of the latest modification from the Russian Federation, as well as components for production of such fuel in the People’s Republic of China with participation of Russia. Balakovskaya and Rostovskaya nuclear power plants work in Russia on Russian fuel assemblies TVS-2М, which have been of interest for the Chinese. In comparison with the ordinary ones, they extend continuous work of the power unit by one and half times. This means that there is not need to stop the reactor for partial replacement of nuclear fuel. And this saves much not only time, but also money. Such advantages of TVS-2М were immediately appreciated in China and soon 6 fuel assemblies were successfully loaded to the reactor of the first power unit of Tianwan NPP in a test mode. After their successful work the authorities of the People’s Republic of China decided to conclude a long-term contract with Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM.


According to the contract Russia will supply nuclear fuel for initial loading of the third and fourth power units of Tianwan NPP, which commissioning is expected in 3-4 years, in 2017-2018.


Besides, in the nearest future the next fuel delivery totaling to 60 million dollars is to be forwarded for the research reactor, which is being built under the Russian design in the neighborhood of Beijing; the main research officer of the Institute of Far East of RAS Yakov Berger tells: «Further development, construction of additional units, wastes management are planned here. Prospects are extremely great in this area. Probably, Russia will take part in construction of some other facilities. All this presupposes further rapprochement in this area».



Source: Voice of Russia (Golos Rossii)