Company “Rusatom Overseas” joined the Czech Nuclear Society


JSC “Rusatom Overseas”, affiliate of State Corporation “Rosatom”, joined the Czech Nuclear Society (ČNS). 
This act is aimed to strengthen cooperation between Czech and Russian companies as well as between science and research institutions in the field of construction of NPPs with WWER reactor, used in all six power units of Czech NPP “Temelin” and NPP “Dukovany”.
“The Czech Nuclear Society is one of Czech key nuclear energy organizations and that is precisely why we consider our membership in it as critically important. Czech companies and institutions with rich experience of using our technologies are members of this society that serves as a strong basis for further work”, - noticed Zdenek Shima, Director of Check branch of JSC “Rusatom Overseas”.
“The Czech Nuclear Society carries out educational mission on spreading knowledge and objective information in the field of nuclear power engineering. Certainly we approve of the entry of JSC “Rusatom Overseas” into this society, since Czech nuclear engineering is traditionally associated with Russian technologies”, - noticed Danesh Burkert, President of Czech Nuclear Society.
“It’s not just the point that the WWER technology is used in all units of the nuclear power plants “Temelin” and “Dukovany”. Currently Rosatom is one of the leading companies that implement innovative projects in the field of nuclear power. The expert community will get the possibility to find out more about such technologies by virtue of “Rusatom Overseas” entry into Czech Nuclear Society”, - said Miroslav Kovalets, Vice-President of the Society.
Two affiliates of Rosatom – JSC “Atomstroiexport” and EDB “Hydropress” – bid for the tender for further construction of NPP “Temelin” and are members of Consortium “MIR.1200”, the leader of which is Czech company SKODA JS. “By virtue of cooperation with the Czech Nuclear Society we will be able to strengthen interaction with Czech experts and general public representatives concerning the project of construction of a safe and effective nuclear power plant, proposed by Consortium MIR.1200, the construction of which can have positive effect for the whole Czech industry”, - added Leosh Tomichek, Executive Vice-President of JSC “Rusatom Overseas”.
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The Czech Nuclear Society is a voluntary non-commercial expert organization. Nuclear power engineering education of public and spreading of objective information concerning peaceful application of nuclear energy are the main objects of the company. The Czech Nuclear Society was established in 1992. It is a member of the European Nuclear Society and is represented, notably, in executive authorities. The Czech Nuclear Society is one of the founding members of the Czech Union of Scientific Societies and it is in close cooperation with the Slovak Nuclear Society, primarily within the frames of arrangement of regular joint conferences (Information meetings of nuclear societies). These conferences are held since 1992 and take place in member countries on alternate basis. The Czech Nuclear Society also organizes major international conferences and working meetings on state level with participation of international experts, as a rule.


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