Conductor installed in design position at Akkuyu NPP construction site using the Liebherr LR13000 crane to assemble the shaft of Unit 1reactor building

The conductor is a massive spatial steel structure that allows to form the required geometric parameters of the reactor shaft and to concrete the shaft with the specified design accuracy. It forms the walls of the shaft and allows integrating the foundation of the reactor building and the construction of the reactor shaft as a single whole.


This is the first large-sized structure weighing more than 120 tons to be installed in the design position at the Akkuyu NPP construction site using the Liebherr LR13000 self-propelled crawler crane.


With the use of the LR13000 crane, a corium collecting and cooling device ("melt trap") and other large-sized and heavy-weight NPP equipment (reactor vessel, steam generators, pressurizer) will also be installed at Akkuyu NPP Unit 1. The crane will be used for the installation of steel structures forming a pressurized volume of the reactor building.


Assembly operations to install the conductor in the design position were performed by specialists of TITAN-2 holding - mechanics and crane operators trained in Germany at the Liebherr plant.

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The Liebherr LR13000 crane is the world's most powerful self-propelled crawler crane of traditional design and the only crane of this class of capacity. With a reliable and durable design, the crane is able to lift large loads of large weight. The crane boom outreach of 129 meters will allow for assembly operations at Akkuyu NPP power units using the unique open-top technology, which makes it possible to install equipment through the open top of a building under construction. The crane is widely used throughout the world in the construction of power plants and other large industrial facilities, where it is required to lift and move massive bulky loads. Crane of LR13000 model was purchased specifically to perform the construction works at Akkuyu NPP, the first nuclear power plant in Turkey. Using the LR11350 crane, TITAN-2 specialists performed all major assembly operations when constructing Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the Leningrad NPP-2 (LAES-2).