Conference on nuclear power engineering held in Ankara


The conference on the topic “Turkish and French cooperation in nuclear power engineering” has held in Ankara. The Trade Promotion office of France in the Republic of Turkey, Embassy of France in Ankara, French Technology and Research Center, and French Nuclear Society (SFEN) were the organizers. The representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK),  employees of the French Embassy in the Republic of Turkey, and representatives of a wide range of French and Turkish companies took part in the event.  Oleg Titov, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for operations support took part in the conference work on behalf of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC. The participants discussed the issues on environmental protection, NPP operation and safety.




Charles Fries, Ambassador of France in the Republic of Turkey, spoke at the opening ceremony. He noted that currently about 80% of the total volume of electricity generated across the globe is generated using fossil fuel, and their use is associated with high financial costs and risk when assuring safety of energy supplies procurement. Moreover, raw hydrocarbons pose a threat to the environment, climate and public health of the planet. The Ambassador of France brought into focus that the issues of stable development of any given country are closely related to the choice of the growth direction of power engineering. “The choice, which we make in the sphere of energy today, shall determine the development vector of the society tomorrow”, - said Fries. The Ambassador laid emphasis that nuclear power engineering is one of the two towers of strength on which the energy system of France is built. In addition, renewable energy acts as the second tower of strength. According to Charles Fries, nuclear power engineering represents an entirely new industry for Turkey. “The project for the construction of the second NPP (in Sinop Province) shall provide Turkey the chance to get acquainted with French nuclear technologies. Turkey is in need of creating its own nuclear industry”, - the Ambassador noted.


Nedjati Yamach, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey, reminded the conference participants that the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) was formed as far back as 1957.  Moreover, Turkey was not able to build NPP on its territory for the past fifty years. Yamach emphasized that at present power generation in Turkey is dependent 73% on the import of energy supplies. “In this regard the nuclear power plants built in Turkey shall contribute in reducing its energy dependence. In addition, we consider NPP not only as power generating facilities, but also as a considerable contribution in securing local employment and conducting research and development works in Turkey”, - emphasized Yamach.


Ibrahim Khalil Dere, Head of the department for implementation of nuclear energy projects under the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, noted in his speech that Turkey spends $60 billion annually on import of energy carriers from foreign countries. “If we had not spent such considerable resources on import of energy carriers, today Tukey would have had surplus foreign trade balance, – emphasized Dere. – Turkey comes under the countries with the highest growth indicator of power consumption in the world. At the same time, about half of the total electricity generated in our country is from gas turbine power plants. Thus, the indicators in this sphere exceed the worldwide average. This is precisely why we inevitably have to diversify our sources of energy”. Ibrahim Khalil Dere also noted that thanks to the conclusion of the inter-governmental agreements on the construction of “Akkuyu” NPP (2010) and Sinop NPP (2013) Turkey has already embarked on the path of implementing its longstanding dream on own nuclear industry.


During the presentation of “Akkuyu” NPP Oleg Titov, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for operations support, emphasized that the first nuclear power plant of Turkey “Akkuyu” is the first foreign project of the Russian State Corporation “Rosatom”, implemented under BOO (Build-Own-Operate). He also added that ACCUYU NUCLEAR JSC is a Turkish company and carries out its business in full conformity with the law of the Republic of Turkey. “According to the provisions of the Inter-Governmental Agreement, Rosatom is liable for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance and decommissioning of NPP. The construction of NPP shall begin after the issue of all the required approvals by the Turkish party. The plant shall comprise of four power units of capacity 1200 MW each, total installed capacity shall constitute 4800 MW. The design life of “Akkuyu” NPP constitutes 60 years, however the technologies available today make it possible to increase this life to 80 years”, - noted Oleg Titov. He also informed that minimum 51% of the equity capital of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC shall belong to the Russian party throughout the life of the project. “At the subsequent stages of project implementation up to 49% of the shares of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC can be opened for purchase by outside investors. In the forthcoming two years AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC plans to enlist new shareholders in the project”, - declared Titov. According to him, more than 460 Turkish companies have already declared about their wish for participation in the project. The investors show interest. The project for the construction of “Akkuyu” NPP in Mersin Province opens the floodgates to them. Titov noted that AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC pays considerable attention in providing employment for the local population, and new work places shall be created in the short term in quite a few associated industries. Oleg Titov reminded: “AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC in the course of manpower training for operation at the first Turkish NPP provides the students of engineering faculties and faculties of sciences of the Universities of Turkey get academic education at the Russian National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” in Moscow and at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbPU). Currently more than 300 Turkish students have joined the program, and in all it is planned to train up to 600 persons”. Oleg Titov informed that 60% of the equipment for “Akkuyu” NPP, which is related to the nuclear fuel cycle, shall be manufactured by Russian companies, at the same time the remaining equipment shall be brought from Turkish vendors. “The Turkish companies have solid experience in construction; hence 90% of the construction works can be performed by Turkish contractors. Several agreements for delivery of equipment for NPP have already been signed. We observe the project implementation schedule and plan to complete the work within the target time frame”, – said Oleg Titov.