Delegation from Indonesia visited AKKUYU NPP


Delegation of the National Agency for Nuclear Power Engineering of the Republic of Indonesia came to Turkey to visit the future construction site of AKKUYU Nuclear Power Plant. It is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in 250 km distance from the closes airport of Adan. Before coming to the future construction site, the guests visited the office of AKKUYU NPP Power Generation Joint Stock Company in Ankara and explained the purpose of the trip in details. Chairman of the Center for Development of Nuclear Power under the National Agency for Nuclear Power Engineering of the Republic of Indonesia Yarianto Budi Susilo noted that their state took a decision to develop nuclear power engineering and in the nearest future it is expected to create the “road map” for construction of the first NPP in Indonesia from scratch. “We face a difficult way. We just begin to build the nuclear industry. Now works are conducted on selection of the place for construction of the first nuclear power plant. In due time the Republic of Turkey also started its work on erection of NPP from scratch. Russian specialists already have work experience with the countries that decided to take the way to use atoms for peace. And the fact that you received our delegation is a good sign. We hope that you will share experience that will be helpful for us in further work “.


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The guests from Indonesia were interested practically in everything: how the construction site should be chosen, how engineering survey should be conducted, how work with population should be organized on education in the field of nuclear power and many other things. Deputy General Director Rauf Kasumov made a detailed presentation on implementation of the Inter-Governmental Agreement on construction of the first nuclear power plant in the Republic of Turkey, which was signed on May 12, 2010. Rauf Kasumov answered the questions on the project status that its implementation is at the initial stage: “At present there is a process of getting the report on EA (environmental assessment and licensing. It is scheduled to get licenses for electric power generation in the middle of the next year, for construction of the plant – at the end of 2014. This means that in 2015 it is expected to commence basic construction works. At the same type the stage of engineering survey and designing is performed now, which will be completed in 2013. According to the plan industrial commissioning of the 1st block is scheduled for 2020. The next three power generation units will be put into industrial operation with a one year interval. At the moment the project is implemented strictly according to the schedule”. The Indonesians were interested in the questions of interaction of the specialists of Russian Companies of the nuclear power industry with the institutions and agencies of the Republic of Turkey – how interaction is organized, how the project is implemented, how the responsibility area is distributed.


After a long meeting the delegation accompanied by the representatives of AKKUYU NPP went to the south of Turkey, province of Mersin, to study the peculiarities of work of the initial stage of project implementation at the future construction site. In the information center of AKKUYU NPP in Buyukedgeli the guests met with his director Eyup Lyutfi Sarutgi. He told about public relations activity, about what work is conducted by AKKUYU NPP for the population of the region, which quite recently knew nothing about nuclear power engineering. The head of the department of construction and installation works of the representative office of AKKUYU NPP JSC Dmitry Litvinenko and head of the construction department of AKKUYU NPP JSC Alexey Petrov answered the questions concerning choice of the site and content of works. With the help of different maps the Indonesians were provided with information, concerning works on engineering survey, on choice of the construction site of NPP facilities. Upon completion of the visit the chief of the delegation Mr. Susilo expressed his appreciation for the receipt at a high level, thanked the officers of AKKUYU NPP for fruitful cooperation within the visit, having specially noted that the Russian-Turkish experience in respect of the nuclear power is of great importance and will obligatorily be used by the Republic of Indonesia.


Press Service of AKKUYU NPP