Delegation from Turkey took part in Multi-D forum


Representatives of Turkey’s Ministry of Power Engineering and Natural Resources took part in the traditional international forum “Life cycle management of complex engineering facilities. Tools for operation support”. The key subject of this year’s event is to create common information space for operation of complex engineering facilities. The event brought together experts of nuclear, oil & gas and other industries. The forum was held in the Russian capital and gathered more than 500 representatives from over 20 countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, India, China, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Korea, Spain, Slovakia, Turkey, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, UK. The delegation from the Republic of Turkey was headed by Ilker Sert, the Deputy Minister of Power Engineering and Natural Resources.




The experts discussed matters of operation of a complex engineering facility, solutions for communication of technical data between the design and operation stages. Professionals are still interested in the following issues: How to raise the operational efficiency of a nuclear power plant? How to reduce construction costs? The issues of optimum timelines, cost, quality and safety were demonstrated in an unparalleled state-of-the-art digital model of NPP construction. The product was developed by Russian scientists and specialists of the JSC NIAEP – ASE JSC joint company (one of the shareholders of “Akkuyu” NPP engaged in design and construction of 4 units of “Akkuyu” NPP).  As many experts agree, the first digital development of a 3D model of NPP management may become a milestone in development of nuclear technologies. As Bernard Charlès, the President and CEO of Dassault Systèmes pointed out, "Far-sighted actions of the NIAEP management demonstrate that it realizes the values of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for digital simulation, arrangement and certification of nuclear power units. Being involved in development of the first digital 3D-model on NPP management, NIAEP does not only reduces the time required for construction of a facility and reduces its cost, but also improves the efficiency of work, quality and safety of nuclear power plants".


Within the frames of the forum, a tour was organized for the representatives of the countries involved to visit power units No.3 and No.4 of Rostov NPP (Russia) currently under construction. The site was visited by more than 50 representatives of the world’s largest power engineering companies.  They had a chance to see with their own eyes advanced Russian technologies already applicable for construction of nuclear plants and were demonstrated how a unified information system operates  in practice that stirred keen interest among the forum guests, as well as a lot of comments and opinions in mass media.



“We have demonstrated to our guests the company’s capabilities for establishing a system for managing construction of complex engineering facilities”, Valeriy Lymarenko, the President of the JSC NIAEP – ASE JSC joint company, said. “TheRostovsite presents visible results of our work in this direction. This is where the Multi-D technology designed to manage large amounts of information including 3D-data, information on resources and timeframes is being introduced and tested. This technology enables to optimize use of resources prior to beginning of actual construction, through simulation of the NPP construction processes”.


Foreign delegations were shown possibilities of visual simulation that makes possible to see the NPP 3D-model complete with all the technical characteristics. As Andrey Khazin, the director of construction of Rostov NPP noted, application of the technology raises the quality of design and organizational & process solutions considerably. The new technology enhances the process of finding optimum solutions and better interaction between all the participants of the construction. Foreign specialists were also familiarized with the progress of work in the reactor building, the turbine room of power unit No.3 and the system of the construction site supplies inventory.


Within the frames of the construction site tour, the guests were shown in action an advanced system for monitoring and management of capital construction, personnel management information system, a bar coding system, a mobile information kiosk, a visual simulation studio, an electronic workflow system to name just a few.


Having visited the construction site, the Deputy Minister of Power Engineering of theRepublicofTurkeysaid: “The 3D-simulation technology allows online monitoring over the process of construction of a facility. This is very useful, practical, innovative and relevant, as it reduces the route of a business process and does not require much time for data communication between the general contractor and the customer. And that, in its turn, helps to reduce time needed for making managerial decisions. This technology has high potential to be introduced in the process of construction of other nuclear facilities”.


Having returned from the tour to Rostov NPP, foreign delegations visited the nuclear power engineering fair.



In his welcoming speech, Kirill Komarov, the Deputy Director General for Development and International Business Activities of the “Rosatom” State Corporation, pointed out the relevance of the issue under discussion: “Life cycle management is common in many industries. An NPP is costly to build, yet, subsequently, it provides economy at the stage of operation. We need to find a reasonable balance between these two aspects. The forum has brought together the leading experts in NPP operation, construction and equipment manufacturing”.


Among the guests of the third Multi-D forum was Alexander Superfin, the Director General of Akkuyu NPP JSC. Mr. Superfin pointed out that the exhibits and state-of-the-art solutions presented at the event constituted yet another evidence of high professional level of Russian nuclear enterprises, and expressed his confidence that in the process of construction of Turkey’s first NPP the most progressive and proven engineering solutions would definitely  be applied”.




Press Service of “Akkuyu” NPP