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«Developed countries must have various sources of power, including NPPs» - first statement made at the «NewGen – Future Energy» International Forum


Forum «NewGen – Future Energy» has opened in Moscow. This is a platform for discussion reflecting the tendencies in innovative development of the international energy complex, including the nuclear industry, experience in introduction of cutting-edge solutions at large enterprises. The key events will include panel discussions, scientific and practical round tables on implementing/use of equipment and materials in the power industry. Highly professional Russian and foreign companies implementing innovation projects in the energy industry will be the Forum participants.


Ivan Redko, deputy Chairman of the State Duma Subcommittee on small-scale power industry spoke at the first panel discussion “Status and development prospects of the Russia’s energy industry. Focus of innovations». In his speech he presented the main ideas of the concept for construction of energy sources in the Russian Federation. The representative of the lower chamber of parliament drew attention of the participants to the point that the energy must be diversified by sources of its production. «The developed countries must have various energy sources, including NPPs. The practice of rational distribution of the energy resources has a long history in the industrialized countries all over the world» - Ivan Redko said.




Valentin Ivanov, Director General of VNIINM OJSC named after Academician A.A. Bochvar, made a report: «Modern trend - low power nuclear plant» within the panel discussion. The speaker stated that such tendency had prospects for future development. He said: «Everyone everywhere needs electric power. And the low power NPPs perfectly fit for uninterrupted power supply. But it is not worth saying that such an energy source now is able to completely replace the operating NPPs or plants under construction. The low power NPPs can be implemented in countries which have a certain experience in development of the nuclear energy».


Representatives of the scientific and expert communities, State government bodies, representatives of international agencies and specialized unions will participate in the Forum as well.


The photo competition “Future Energy” will be also arranged as part of the Forum. The event will have the following categories: «Peaceful atom – peaceful sky», «Energy efficiency – profitable technologies», «Renewable sources of energy», «Clean energy», «Cadres are a key for everything».


The Forum will last for two days. Over 50 leading Russian and international experts will take part in it; more than 600 representatives will take part in discussions. More than 50 Russian and foreign companies will demonstrate their achievements at the exhibition.




Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service