Employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC complemented the Turkish school children on the beginning of the new school year

The pupils of the elementary school of the settlement of Büyükeceli (the nearest residential area to the construction site of the Akkuyu NPP project) accepted good wishes and directions in connection with the beginning of the new school year from the representatives of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC. Four years ago the Company took under its patronage the school, and its employees take active part in the milestone events of this educational institution.


The Company, which implements the construction project of the first Turkish nuclear power plant, has organized for the pupils the event titled “Back to school” and handed over the school uniforms to the kids. Rafael Gadzhiev, Advisor of the CEO of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, Lutfi Sarıcı, Head of the Public Information Center (PIC) of Akkuyu NPP in Mersin, Hayri Toker, Director of the school, teachers, school children and their parents attended the celebratory assembly on the occasion of 2015-2016 school year.


Speaking at the celebratory assembly Rafael Gadzhiev said that AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC puts more focus on education. «Dear parents, children! – Gadzhiev started his speech. – Today together with all of you I think of my childhood, my school years. Like you I also was a child, and precisely 47 years ago I started my school». He suggested that the school children advance on the way toward knowledge and make all their efforts for that. «However much you drink from the source of knowledge never say “enough”. The future of Turkey is in the hands of young generation, in your hands. I complement all of you on the beginning of the school year and wish success in your studies», – the CEO Advisor of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC said.


Lutfi Sarıcı, Head of the PIC of Akkuyu NPP, also complemented the school children and their parents on the beginning of the new school year. «Education is one the main factors of human development, its environment and society as a whole. Today the school in Büyükeceli justifiably holds pride of place among the educational institutions of Mersin province. The honorary mission to maintain this title and high level of education is now imposed on the shoulders of the managers of all levels, teachers, parents and pupils». Lutfi Sarıcı also advised to the school children to give application to study if they want to operate Akkuyu nuclear power plant in the future to be built nearby Büyükeceli He said: «We are intending to continue our cooperation with the school. Dear pupils, prior to the beginning of the new school year you are looking forward to meeting with school, teachers and classmates. Your main task is to diligently study, and you’ll be able to turn into reality any of your established goals. Let me on behalf of the Management of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC complement you on the beginning of the new school year and wish you academic achievements».


Then Hayri Toker, Director of the school, rose to speak. He thanked AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC for cooperation and said that the school studies are an important stage in the life of each person. «If you want to grow rational and educated people, it is necessary to make all efforts for good studies. Strive to use everything our educational institution gives to you. Be diligent, because only people who observe the discipline and are assiduous in studies, are good pupils and achieve results», the Director of the local school said. After all speeches the new school uniform kits were handed over to all children.





 Press Service of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC