Employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC participated in the Runatolia 2019 marathon

13th International Runatolia 2019 marathon took place in Turkey. It was held in conjunction with 812 anniversary of the conquest of Antalya. 10 thousand people participated in the competition, among them employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC.
Merdan Khudayberdyev run 42 kilometers, Nilgun Çolakoğlu and Dmitriy Budnikov – 21 kilometers, Svetlana Budnikova – 10 kilometers. Lyubov Balakhnina came to the marathon to encourage her colleagues.


Merdan Khudayberdyev, Chief Specialist of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, shared his impression about his participation in the race: «Runatolia 2019 is the eighth marathon I take part. Participation in this marathon and other international competitions on behalf of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC is ground for joy and pride for me and my colleagues. The race for 42 kilomenter is no ordinary challenge. We successfully got to the finish line, and I’m sure that the project we are working to will be crowned with success too. I especially want to thank my colleagues, who took part in the Runatolia 2019 marathon for their invaluable support; I would also like to thank the management or our company».


Dmitriy Budnikov, Leas Specialist of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, told: «The marathon was organized in a very picturesque place. İ would like to emphasize the high level of its organization: the festival of health and sport succeeded for 100%! Every team, which represented one or another company, gave one hundred percent to reach the final line. I was very pleased to participate in this competition together with my colleagues».


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Antalya marathon or Runatolia is an international road race; it is annyally organized every March in Antalya, Turkey. It is the second biggest Turkish marathon after the Istanbul Marathon that has a golden status of IAAF Road Race Label Events.


Runatolia was organized for the firts time on March 19, 2006. The program comprises: classic marathon, semi-marathon, 10,000m race, and 4km mass race without time keeping. Also there is a program for wheelchair-persons.


The route of the Antalya Marathon was plotted with participation of the Turkish Athletic Federation in compliance with all requirements of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races; this Marathon is officially recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations and has a status of one of the largest sport event in Turkey.