On Sunday, October 27, a Geographical dictation was held at the branch of the Private Moscow international school in Silifke (Mersin province, Turkey). The dictation was attended by about 30 persons - employees of Akkuyu NUCLEAR, TİTAN2 İC İÇTAŞ İNŞAAT ANONİM ŞİRKETİ - the General contractor for the construction of the first Akkuyu NPP in Turkey, - and the branch of the Private Moscow international school in Silifke. Vasiliy Korelskiy, TV journalist and media trainer, Press Secretary of the General Director of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, acted as a presenter.


The school in Silifke has become one of nearly 6,000 dictation venues registered in Russia and 105 foreign countries. The large-scale educational campaign of the Russian geographical society, held this year for the fifth time, took place on all continents except Antarctica.


Questions of the Geographical dictation this year were divided into two blocks: participants had to answer 10 simple questions based on well-known facts related to geography, ecology, history and culture of Russia. The second part included 30 more difficult questions. To answer them,  not only erudition, but also logical thinking was required.


Seda Yürekli, a graduate of MEPhI National Nuclear Research University, an employee of the information technology Department of AKKUYU NUCLEAR, shared her impressions of participating in the dictation: "During my studies I lived in Moscow, but I learned about Geographical dictation here in Turkey from my colleagues at AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC. I love traveling and am interested in the geography of Russia, where I traveled many cities, so I wanted to try my hand and never looked back: it was very exciting!".


"I am interested in the geography of Russia and the whole globe. I had never participated in the Geographical dictation before, but when I received an invitation from my colleagues, I decided that I must write it, at least to test my knowledge. It is great that the geography of the dictation is expanding every year, and now the Russian-speaking employees of the Akkuyu NPP site have the opportunity to take part in it here, in the branch of the Private Moscow international school in Silifke, " said Merdan Khudaiberdyev, chief specialist of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC.


In total, 11 sites for the Geographical dictation were registered in Turkey: Association of education and culture of Russian-speaking people of the town of Manisa, the Department of Russian language and literature of Erciyes University (the city of Kayseri), International Russian school in Antalya, Private Moscow international school in Antalya and a branch of the school in Silifke, Russian center of science and culture in Ankara, Association of Russian culture in Ankara, Russian cultural information center in Ankara, Educational and Developmental Center for multilingual children "Zvezdochki" (the city of Istanbul), the Main secondary school at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul, the Center for support of education and public initiatives (the city of Istanbul).


For the first time, the Geographical dictation was held in 2015, and for four years, almost 900 thousand persons were its participants. The record for the number of participants was in 2018, when it was written by 376 thousand persons (257 thousand - in person and 119 thousand - on the Internet).


Since 2017, the Dictation has become international as participants tested their knowledge not only in Russia, but also in many foreign countries. In 2017, the campaign was held in 25 states, and in 2018 – in 97 ones.