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Engineering surveys to be completed at the Akkuyu NPP site in 2012

The engineering surveys at the Akkuyu NPP site in Turkey (Prime Contractor – Atomenergoproject OJSC), needed for development of the design documentation, are to be completed in 2012.
Since last February specialists of Atomenergoproject OJSC are performing the topographical mapping in Turkey. The field season for the Russian specialists will be over in the end of August. The outcome of all their efforts will be a topographical base showing the landscape features and the status of the existing buildings and infrastructure.
Atomenergoproject OJSC’ professionals are also working on the site, whose task is to coordinate of and control over survey activities executed by Turkish subcontractors.
All engineering surveys needed for construction of Akkuyu NPP are being conducted from 2011 by Russian company’s employees along with involvement of the local specialists. Last year such cooperation resulted in findings, which have allowed Atomenergoproject OJSC performing the front end engineering and design.
«Our specialists have already collected, processed and prepared for further use a considerable volume of information about the Akkuyu NPP site. The engineering survey materials will serve as a basis for the package of documentation needed to obtain the Construction License for the first nuclear power plant in Turkey. The designers of our company are also confronting challenges, this year they’ll have to do a large scope of work when preparing the NPP design and top priority working documentation», - emphasized Mr. Iliya Kopytov, First Deputy Director General – Engineering Director of Atomenergoproject OJSC.