Environmental (E)

Environmental Protection



AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC is responsible for environmental protection and environmental safety issues. The environmental management system certified according to the International Standard ISO 14001 functions in the Company, which facilitates the adoption of environmentally oriented management decisions when implementing the project.


In December 2014, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Türkiye approved the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the Akkuyu NPP construction project.


Minimization of the negative impact on the environment during the construction and operation of NPP is of an important priority. The Environmental Protection Policy had been developed and commissioned by the Company in which the obligations for maintaining the favorable environment in the Akkuyu NPP location area and provision of environmental safety at all stages of the project life cycle have been defined.


Monitoring of the environmental components, continuous condition monitoring of the site parameters is carried out on a regular basis at the Akkuyu NPP construction site, including water bodies, marine environment, atmospheric air, soil, flora and fauna, developed based on the approved EIA. The environment monitoring report is prepared and transferred on an annual basis to the Turkish  Nuclear Regulator (NDK).



NPP is a Reliable Source of Low-Carbon Electricity



The generation of low-carbon energy at Akkuyu NPP shall facilitate the replacement of power generation based on fossil fuel, thereby facilitating combating climate change, which is one of the greatest threats to humanity in our days.



volume of greenhouse gas emissions in Türkiye at year end 2020

18 mln tons of СО2-equivalent emissions
prevention annually
of all the emissions of Greenhouse gases of the country



Moreover, the generation of electricity at NPP is much higher than the similar parameters for renewable sources of energy, competing for large territories of land allotment for the power generation facilities. Using for construction works only 15% of the area viz. 1000 ha allotted for project implementation, the annual generation of Akkuyu NPP on an average shall be 35 bln. kW.h, with  generation capacity of 4800 MW, whereas the generation of electricity on a similar area (150 ha) of RES may be approximately 375 mln.kW.h.



The employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR participate in the campaigns for restoration of the green plantations in the project regionThe employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR fire station took part in suppressing forest firesAKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC supports measures for protection of the sea turtles breeding grounds