Environmental safety


Environmental safety at all stages of NPP construction is the main principle and the basic condition for the development of the nuclear industry. Priorities in the field of environmental safety are identified as part of implementation of nuclear power projects:

- Compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of Turkey, the Russian Federation, and international organizations such as IAEA and EUR;
- Prompt obtaining of necessary permits for the AKKUYU NPP project implementation from relevant institutions of the Republic of Turkey;
- Unconditional fulfillment of all requirements and standards of safe operation of NPP;
- Continuous environmental monitoring at the AKKUYU NPP and surrounding territories;
- Publication of annual report on environmental safety;
- Regular provision of information to the public about the facts of impact of NPP on the health of the personnel, population and environment.

There are environmental measures meant for environmental monitoring during the project implementation:

  1. Reclamation and revegetation of land disturbed during construction;
  2. Protection of the environment against radioactive and chemical waste during normal operation of the facility;
  3. Organization of air emissions from the premises with a high degree of purity from radioactive products;
  4. Preventing radionuclides getting into the environment with water;
  5. Secure storage of waste without contact with the environment;
  6. Exclusion of non-radioactive emissions of environment pollutants;
  7. Continuous comprehensive environmental monitoring.


Specially equipped posts for continuous environmental monitoring of the AKKUYU NPP will be created around the plant. Environmental monitoring will cover the following matters:

  • hydrological observations;
  • weather observations;
  • monitoring the level, temperature and chemical composition of surface and ground water;
  • seismometry;
  • monitoring of foundations settlement and deformation of structures;
  • monitoring of the current movements of the Earth's crust and gravitational field;
  • radiation monitoring;
  • monitoring the health of the population.

The AKKUYU NPP project is implemented in compliance with all of the above priorities and measures to ensure a safe and reliable operation of the NPP with minimum impact on the environment, population and personnel.

Environmental accountability starts with the design of NPP and is a mandatory requirement for environmental safety in construction and operation of nuclear power plant.

Indicators of environmental conditions shall be in focus of the project implementation participants at all stages of the life cycle of the NPP – from planning and designing up to decommissioning.



DesigningCompliance with environmental requirements;
Environmental support,
Public hearing,
Environmental impact assessment.
OperationEnvironmental monitoring;
Creation of water protection zones and coastal strips;
Environmental policy.




Normal operationEmergency situationThermal EffectChemical Effect
The NPP is designed in such a way that the radiation effect on the population and the environment during normal prolonged operation does not exceed the established exposure dose through all possible effects.The project virtually eliminates occurrence of accidents with radiological effects. The safety (a link to the section of NPP safety)
of the population and environment of the AKKUYU NPP is reliably guaranteed in accordance with the implementation of requirements and recommendations of Turkish, Russian and international standards and regulations.
The maximum estimated effect comes from technical water supply systems and shows that operation of those does not affect the microclimate adjoining the NPP territoryTechnical and organizational solutions adopted in the project prevent the flow of emission of pollutants from the NPP into the environment and water