June 22, 2022, Büyükeceli, Mersin, Turkey. Executives and employees of EUAS International ICC, an international division of EÜAŞ, a Turkish state-owned electricity generation corporation, visited the Akkuyu NPP Construction Site. The delegation headed by Necati Yamac, chief executive officer of EUAS International ICC, examined the construction of four power units and assessed the current work status. The guests also visited a large-size NPP equipment warehouse and the Eastern Sea Cargo Terminal.


EUAS International ICC representatives expressed a strong interest in the construction arrangement and interaction between numerous contracting companies engaged in the project, as well as in nuclear safety culture, supervision and the project's latest milestones. Construction of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey is currently in its active phase. AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, Akkuyu NPP construction project owner, has accumulated a great experience in project management, licensing, supply chain creation and other areas of NPP construction.


"We see high interest in our project among Turkish and foreign companies. A visit by the extended delegation of EUAS International ICC executives and experts is a great opportunity to share experience with Turkish colleagues who will participate in the implementation of new nuclear projects in Turkey in the future. We provided our guests with detailed information on the current stage of Akkuyu NPP construction, the structure of project stakeholders, production localization activities for the NPP needs, and inspection activities. We also put particular emphasis on explaining the project's adaptation to the site environment, safety culture issues and communication transparency. We welcome maintaining of a constant dialogue with colleagues from EUAS International ICC and will be happy to see them at the site again," noted Sergei Butckikh, First Deputy CEO of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and Director of NPP under construction.