Fight Against Corruption




For the purposes of mitigation of corrupt practice, misappropriation and fraud risks at the atomic branch enterprises, General Director of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation S.V. Kirienko approved Comprehensive Programme for fight against corruption and misappropriation in the atomic branch.


The programme purpose is to prevent and reduce damage resulting from risks of misappropriating the assets of Rosatom and, consequently, competitive growth of the State Corporation.


The programme stipulates a series of activities intended to ensure soundness of assets, increase of the corporate culture level in Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, rigorous compliance with legal requirements and contractual obligations, introduction of common business values. These include implementation of the public control system, carrying out regular audits of financial and business activity of the enterprises. According to the results of these activities, resolutions to punish of guilty persons, including criminal prosecution, shall be carried. Furthermore, the programme includes the measures to promote honest dealing aimed to establish the zero-tolerance environment against any corruption practices and fraud. Provision is made for holding special trainings for the branch enterprise employees, as well as for implementation of the incentive plan, which includes material incentives for those employees who have helped to stop an unlawful act by their message.


In AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, the Plan for Countering Corruption for 2016 – 2017 was approved within the framework of this programme, and Order dated 20.09.2016 No. 67 “On approval and implementation of Anti-Corruption Policy of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC” was put into effect.