First young Turkish nuclear power engineers received job offers for Akkuyu NPP under construction


On March 12 the first Turkish students obtained diplomas on the higher vocational education with specialization ‘Nuclear power plants: design, operation and engineering’ in the National Research Nuclear Center MEPhI in Obninsk.


The first meeting of the graduates with their future employer took place in the Moscow Office of Rusatom Energo International JSC (REIN JSC – Project Developer and majority shareholders of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC) on March 14.


Anastasia Zoteeva, Chief Executive Officer of REIN JSC, Anton Dedusenko, First Deputy CEO of REIN JSC, Konstantin Ryzhak, Managing Director of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and Marina Karaseva, HR Director of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, met the young nuclear power engineers.


On the eve of the meeting, the management of the AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC’s HR Directorate has thoroughly reviewed the performance outcomes of each graduate over 6.5 years, characteristics issued by the University, topics and quality of the theses. Based on the data analysis the Turkish specialists have obtained job offers from AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC.


The meeting of the young graduates with the management of the companies was held as a breakfast meeting. Anastasia Zoteeva congratulated the young professionals with successful thesis defense and graduation from the prestigious Russian University, NRNC MEPhI, which is included into a hundred best Universities of the international ratings of physical and technical Universities. «You are the first Turkish professionals with the nuclear power diplomas granted by the Russian University. Training of specialists for Turkey is a part of large efforts Rosatom State Corporation is deploying in conjunction with the construction of first NPP in the Republic of Turkey. It is you, who will implement the knowledges obtained of the cutting-edge Russian nuclear technologies. As to your professional and carrier-related development the sky is the limit».


Anton Dedusenko focused on opportunities to pursue studies: «Higher education is a good start in the profession. The diploma is an admission ticket to this hi-tech industry, which is rapidly evolving; and it is necessary to continuously improve the professional level in order to occupy rightful place among the reputable nuclear experts. Rosatom has specific training programs for the industry’ specialists. They number over 180: from technical training of the international standard specialists up to development of the corporate culture».


Konstantin Ryzhak, Managing Director of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, highlighted: «The working places are ready in the office, and the friendly staff of our company is waiting for you. You join the Project in its best time. Upon receipt of the Construction License for Akkuyu NPP, a new stage of its implementation will commence, namely, the stage of dynamic civil engineering activities. We really need nuclear power professionals. You have good Russian-language skills; you got a lot from your wise mentors. We expect that you will be actively involved in implementation of the first Turkish nuclear power plant».


During the first working meeting the young Turkish professionals asked a lot of specific questions concerning their future employment. Marina Karaseva extensively responded to the questions. The HR Director of the company-employer advised that in several weeks an individual interview would be organized with each candidate to the prepared vacancies regarding the offered employment conditions; during the interview the graduates would be able to share their plans and expectations concerning the future jobs with the managers of the business units of the Turkish company-employer. Early in April an information briefing in AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC will be organized for the graduates, where the young Turkish nuclear engineers will be provided with information about the company, its business units and various potential vacancies. In the nearest future the young Turkish professionals will return to their homeland in order to get to work in AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC soon.