Foreign experts: «Russia quickly and efficiently enhances the NPP’s safety»


The comprehensive emergency response exercises have finished at Kalinin NPP. Their topic was «Radiation accident at NPP». The Group for emergency assistance to nuclear power plants (OPAS) as well as technical assistance centers, various defense and law enforcement agencies and state authorities took part in these exercises. Experts from eight countries: Armenia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, US, Ukraine, France, South Korea observed the exercise course.


«This is my first visit to Kalinin NPP, first visit to exercises and I really appreciate this invitation, - said Alexeï Ozertsovskiy, engineer of the Commissariat à l’énergie atomique (France). – I’m very impressed by the exercises, namely mobile equipment, diesel generators, pumps and methods of decontamination. It is good to see how quickly and efficiently Russia takes measures aimed at enhancement of the nuclear plant safe operation. To my mind, global expertise exchange is the most important for safety concerns all of us».


«For everyone, who one way or another is related to the nuclear energy, it is vitally important to know that even in case of a beyond-design accident there are arrangements, which will allow eliminating its aftereffects and mitigating its negative influence, - underlined Yohannes Kraiher, Head of the Design and Licensing Department of Borcele NPP (Netherland). – I’m greatly impressed with the measures taken in this area at Kalinin NPP. New communications, new engineering techniques, new work management came across me. We’ll try to introduce such practices at our nuclear plant».


«I’m working in the institute, which actually acts as a technical support organization, - said Li Yang Min, the representative of the Emergency preparedness Department of the Korean Nuclear Safety Institute. – I participated in such exercises in my institute, and first of all I was interested in interaction between the NPP and technical support groups. Day one I watched over the activities of the group of experts, who monitored reactor parameters and dealt with radiation. I was impressed by the work of these two groups. I especially noted that the safety parameters came from the full-scale simulator; it is a good idea to use such an option during exercises. I did envy the variety of transportation means, emergency equipment, which your country has».