October 7, 2022, Büyükeceli, Mersin Province, Turkey. – A solemn event to mark the founding anniversary of the Fire Safety Service of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC was held at the Akkuyu NPP Construction Site. It was established seven years ago. The firefighters show their exceptionally high professional level, are constantly engaged in advance training programmes and exercises of Turkish fire services, and conduct training seminars for employees of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), fire divisions and the Forestry Authority of the Republic of Turkey.


The contribution made by the firefighters to fighting last-year wildfires in Mersin Province, a region where Akkuyu NPP is being built, was particularly noted. In 2022, the fire station obtained the Certificate in accordance with standards of the Republic of Turkey; it is the first time an international company's division obtained such a document.


During the solemn ceremony, certificates and awards were handed over to the firefighters of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC. Anastasia Zoteeva, Akkuyu Nuclear JSC Chief Executive Officer, noted the importance of the firefighters' duty and service: "Seven years are not a milestone anniversary, but we needed to gather today, since the number of your awards has become incredibly great. We could not leave that fact go unnoticed. We know that your great achievements will only multiply, just as your professionalism will. We are grateful for your service and glad that our international personnel, our big friendly team can rely on you, for you are always here for us!"

The firefighters' achievements at the World Firefighters Games, an international sports event that took place this May in Lisbon, were also noted during the ceremony. Employees of the Fire Safety Service of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC scored 38 medals. The World Firefighters Games include applied fire sport and a large number of other conventional sports. Members of the AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Team participated in the competition that included boxing, hammer throw, powerlifting, freestyle wrestling and arm-wrestling. Based on the competition results, the organizers invited the AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Team to participate in the World Firefighters Games in 2023.


Mustafa Yalcin, Head of the Regional Forestry Authority of Mersin Province: "First of all, I would like to congratulate Akkuyu NPP firefighters with the 7-year founding anniversary of the fire station. Today's event has been fantastic! It is very important to hold such events and inform on the duty of different divisions, including response services. Last year, the firefighters of Akkuyu NPP helped us a lot with fighting wildfires. I would like to thank them once again! I am very glad that AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC shares the values of our country and our society, and is always ready to help in a complicated situation".