Futsal picket team of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC won bronze medal of ‘Atomiada-2019’

The second phase of competitions the X Winter Intra-industry Games of the employees of the nuclear power plants, industry enterprises and research institutes named ‘Atomiad-2019’ took place in Russia. For the first time the employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC (Turkey) competed in it. The company’s representative competed in three discipline: futsal, ski and chess.


Following the results of the futsal games the AKKUYU NUCLEAR’s team won ‘bronze’. The Russian team of the Emergency Technical Center took the second place. The picked team of Rosatom State Corporation became a winner of the futsal tournament.


Participation of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC became a dramatic event in the history of Atomiad. At the official ceremony of opening, the representatives of Rosatom underlined that thanks to participation of the team of Akkuyu Nükleer A.Ş. the games have moved to a new, international level.


«The place at the event of the intra-industry level is very important for us two reasons, - Marina Karaseva, HR Director of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, told. – On the one hand, our multi-national team needs to see itself as a constituent part of Rosatom, on the other hand, - to be on the agenda of the industry. It is a necessary condition for involvement into the corporate culture and a key element of the project itself. Close-nit collectives – united teams are building nuclear power plants».


Anton Feoktistov, Head of Unit of Project Management Methodology of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and futsal team captain told about the competition: «To my mind, two factors helped us to demonstrate strong performance at the tournament. First of all, love of the football game in our two countries. The football game is popular at enterprises of Rosatom; in Turkey it is a well-loved sport too. Here all, young and old, love playing football, visit football games at stadiums, root for favorite team. The second factor, it is great organization of the intra-industry spartakiad, warm hospitality and rooting of fans. It is hard to depict atmosphere that reigns during matches. We came from far away, so maybe that can explain kindness from the organizers of the tournament and the fans to us and Turkey as a whole. The Turkish citizens, members of our team, themselves are very open and amicable; and people felt that. During our matches, I constantly heard that the fans and football players, who actually were our opponents, supported us. Support from the stands really helps to: mobilize all forces, struggle for each piece of the play field, for each game chance».


Yavuz Kolukısaoğlu, specialist of the turbine shop, the top goalscorer of the picked team of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC at the tournament (made 9 of 12 goals of the team) tells: «When we studied in the NRNU MEPhI in Obninsk, we constantly exercised and played football. Now our institute friends are playing in the Rosatom team (winner of the tournament). We met each other at the competitions; I was very glad. We’ll pursue our exercises and next time, as I hope, we’ll come to the tournament with stronger team and represent our company at the highest level».


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«Atomiad» is one of the main sport event of the nuclear industry. The spartakiad for the employees of the nuclear power plants, industry enterprises and research institutes is annually arranged among the organizations of Rosatom State Corporation. Every year over 50 000 competitors take part in 11 summer and 5 winter sports. Every employee of the nuclear industry can participate in this sports festival and represent its enterprise on the event among the organizations of Rosatom State Corporation.


For many years sportsmen and women of ‘Atomiad’ take part in inter-industry competitions of international importance. Many participate in the Olympic games, world championships and other meaningful competitions.