Future Turkish staff of Akkuyu NPP visited new units of Leningrad NPP


«We came to get knowledge!» - the first-year students of the Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, young citizens of the Republic of Turkey just initiated their carrier in the nuclear energy, said about the goal of their visit to Leningrad NPP.

According to Natalia Donmez, the curator of the Atomic and Thermal Energy Chair of the Polytechnic University, the study tour to the power plant under construction occurred in accordance with the program of training specialists for Akkuyu NPP. The project is being implemented under the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Turkey singed in Ankara in 2010.

«The Russian Federation offered an opportunity for the Turkish students to get field-specific education in Russian Universities. The total training time continues around seven years: first year the students will study Russian, then they will spend five years and a half to study “nuclear power plants, design, operation and engineering”, and finally, young specialists will get an on-the-job training. And then, they will work at the first Turkish Akkuyu NPP to be built in Mersin province», - Natalia Dormez told.

She also noted that the Turkish students are very interested in training in Russia in the nuclear-related disciplines. Thus, over 9,000 people filed applications for the first entry exams in 2011. 50 people, who demonstrated the best results, were selected after pre-qualification and tests in mathematics and physics.

«Today all of them are almost ready nuclear engineers; they will have to operate the power units of Akkuyu NPP in safe and reliable manner in accordance with the design. Competition among the Turkish young people for this discipline training is still big enough – more than 70 people aspire for one place. It means that “energy” education is highly valued in our country!» - Natalia Donmez summed up.

«I am glad that cooperation between Turkey and Russia, multidimensional, mutually beneficial, multi-sided, is reaching a new level. Russian is a recognized leader in nuclear technologies. For my country nuclear engineer is a profession of the future. I dream to work at a nuclear station. A woman can and must be in the nuclear energy!» - Nurbek Sungur, student of the SPPU expressed her opinion.

Şahin Can Tipi, student of the SPPU: «Today we were able to look into the future: we say the “internal” structure of the unit, we learned about activities of the operating personnel at pre-commissioning stage. We were impressed by the magnitude of the NPP under construction. Certainly, all that we saw will strengthen our desire to learn as diligently as previously. After getting knowledge in Russia, we shall definitely be able to find applications for them in Turkey. And friendship between our two peoples undoubtedly enhance them!»

The construction project of the first Turkish Akkuyu NPP is being implemented on the basis of the Intergovernmental Agreement signed between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey on 12 May 2010. The Project provides for 4 power units of the 3+ generation of 1200mW capacity each. Around 35 bln. kW/h are planned to be annually generated after completion of the Akkuyu NPP construction.

Leningrad NPP is a branch of Concern Rosenergoatom JSC. The plant is located in the city of Sosnovy Bor, 40 km west of Saint Petersburg on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. LNPP is the first plant in the country with RBMK-1000 reactors (thermal neutron uranium-graphite channel type reactor). 4 power units of 1000mW electric capacity each are operated at the NPP. Also construction of replacement powers of the operating plant is underway: two power units of VVER-1200 type are under construction. Customer-Developer of the project: Concern Rosenergoatom JSC; General Designer: ATOMPROJECT JSC; Prime Contractor: CONCERN TITAN2 JSC.

Press Service of Leningrad NPP