Hobby of Turkish students help them to adapt in Russia


The third group of Turkish students arrived in Russia to study at the Institute of Atomic Energy of the National Research Nuclear University “MEPHI” (IATE NRNU MEPHI) tries to cope with life in the dormitory. 78 people from 27 Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) of the Republic of Turkey will go into the Russian higher education in the sphere of atomic energy. More than 4500 Turkish citizens filed applications for the written examination and 600 of them, who passed the elimination round according to the results in points received upon enrolment to a university, were invited. They were suggested to solve problems in physics and mathematics which contain materials of general educational program of lyceums. All the students if they chose work with atomic speciality will have to work with high technology innovative equipment in future and to be responsible for generation of electric energy using atomic generation at the first atomic plant in Turkey – Akkuyu NPP. And now the students are at the very start of the atomic branch development which they will have to develop in their own country. In the HEI dormitory the boys and girls face everyday situations which are inseparably associated with an individual life.


A student of a pre-university courses, Beiza Kurtulush, used to cook and surprise everybody by her delicate recipes even in Turkey. Now in Russia she tries to please her group mates and improves her skills in this kind of art. She prepares soups, main courses and sweet dishes for dessert. The young culinary brought with her spices for food but it appeared that everything necessary is sold in Russian stores.


“It’s possible to find necessary vegetables, fruits, spices for cooking traditional Turkish dishes. But sometimes there are some difficulties in translating names of certain ingredients. For example, I faced some difficulties in explaining to a seller in a store that I need slaked soda. But it is even interesting because you start better understanding the other culture during such communications. I wish to study Russian cuisine but now I don’t have enough time and language skills for it. I am sure I will do it in future and will succeed in pleasing my friends by different new dishes both Turkish and Russian”, - says Beiza while preparing another fine cuisine.



Lahmacun – a Turkish pizza enjoys the great popularity among her course mates. It looks like a thin flat cake with minced meat, chopped vegetables and spices. Beiza loves cooking baked vegetable marrows with potato pancakes (firindakabakmucver). This dish leaved nobody cold and everybody who tried it asked for additional portion. Every course is accompanied by bread. The Turkish cuisine provides a great number of recipes for cooking different types of bread, cakes, cookies and sweets. Serving of bread to a table is a real tradition venerated by Turkish students who do not forget it even being 2000 km away from home. Their friends love traditional Turkish bread very much. This bread is called ‘pita” – it is a thick soft flat cake made of yeast-leavened dough. This type of bread is usually served with cheese, minced meat, vegetables and other ingredients baked inside.


Traditionally there is a great choice of sweet confectionary and food in Turkey. A popular confection made of puff pastry with nuts in syrup - baklava. It is a multi-layer dessert made of dough sheets with thickness of a paper sheet which are coated with oil and placed in layers into a right-angled vessel for baking or twisted into small cylinders. Grinded and chopped walnuts and pistachios are placed between the layers which are previously baked and saturated with solution of sugar and lemon juice. Such kinds of sweets cooked by Beiza Kurtulush always attract attention of boys and girls and often result in long tea-parties in the kitchen of the students’ dormitory. During such parties student of the pre-university courses exchange impressions and new knowledge obtained from the elder comrades and teachers of NRNU MEPHI.



For reference: Professional specialists in the sphere of atomic energy industry for the Republic of Turkey are trained under the Intergovernmental Agreement which was signed on May 12, 2010 between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey. Currently 190 Turkish citizens study at NRNU MEPHI in specialities of atomic industry (78 at pre-university courses, 64 at the first course and 48 at the second course).



Press Service of Akkuyu NPP JSC