Hungary became the sixth country where the State Corporation’s office of Rosatom’s global network was registered. The office was registered as a branch of JSC Rusatom Overseas


The tasks of the new office are related to the State Corporation Rosatom’s long-term business plans in Hungary. In particular, the office will be in charge of promoting cooperation with nuclear power enterprises in Hungary in respect of both existing and potential new projects, representing the interests of the Russian nuclear power industry in Hungary, as well as engaging local companies in the global supply chain of the State Corporation Rosatom for projects in Russia and other countries. Zalan Batch has been appointed as the Head of the branch.     

“Russian-Hungarian cooperation in nuclear-power engineering has a long history. Hungarian specialists possess large experience and knowledge in the nuclear field, especially in the Russian technologies, which have been successfully used in Hungary for over 55 years. All this provides us a solid foundation for the development of new areas of mutually beneficial partnership”, noted Kirill Komarov, Deputy Director General on matters of International Business and Development of the State Corporation Rosatom.      

‘’Marketing office is intended to strengthen the current position of Rosatom and its subsidiaries on the Hungarian market, it will also become a base for our future business development in this country. We are opening the office also to actively interact with Hungarian companies by engaging them in new and prospective projects not only in Hungary and Russia, but all over the world’’, said Dzhomart Aliev, General Director of JSC Rusatom Overseas. 

Now, one of the key objectives in cooperation with Hungary on peaceful use of nuclear energy is the participation in a tender on the construction of power units 5 and 6 of Paks NPP.

JSC Rusatom Overseas was founded in 2011 with the aim of promoting Russian nuclear technologies abroad. Rusatom Overseas is actively working on the expansion of the State Corporation Rosatom’s global presence on the world market, in particular by opening marketing offices. The company has already opened offices in Ukraine, South African Republic, Singapore, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  




Source: Press Office of JSC Rusatom Overseas